Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder makeup

phyllis_philodendronMarch 29, 2005

I'm on the prowl for a good foundation again. Ugh. I hate this. It seems like everytime I post here, I'm searching for new makeup! (except for the time Weed was talking about underwear, LOL!)

I just tried L'Oreal's Mattique and think it's a bit on the orange side. I was going to return it; however, upon seeing the next lighter shade it would have made me look like a mime, so I decided to keep the other stuff. Yesterday I went to the makeup counter (Clinique) and asked for some samples or something I could take home to try it out. After the girl looked at me like I was crazy and said NO, she spread some guk on my face and that was it. It was the Superbalanced Makeup, which after looking at it for a while, I also thought looked too orangey. Price isn't bad (compared to Lancome, at least) but I want something I can try on several times to get the feel and make sure.

Once upon a time the girl at the Lancome counter squirted some into a little pot and let me take it home. I can't remember what it was. Sadly there wasn't a soul at their counter yesterday, so no one to ask.

My whole idea behind going to the "professionals" (yeah right) is to get a better matched color. So far that isn't working! Do any of you wear the department store brands? I don't mind paying a little more if can get something that matches and won't be discontinued every six months.

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I wear MAC's foundation and love it. It's very light on the face, and they have a large number of shades. Mine is a light, warm neutral.

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I really like Clinique's City's creamy foundation in a pressed powder-type formula and you apply it with a foam sponge; I think it's much easier to avoid the caked-on look with this. My daughter likes Benefit foundation which she buys at Macy's. I've heard the MAC makeup is stage makeup and very heavy.

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I like Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation. It has good coverage without looking thick and stays on all day. All others seem to soak into my skin by lunch time.

I have not tried MAC but I've heard good things about it - my sister loves it and so does her daughter.

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If you liked the feel and coverage of either the L'Oreal or the Clinique, don't give up on it just because it looked too orange. It was just the wrong color for you. That's why there are so many shades of foundation, powder, etc. -- because not everyone is the same.

But, if you truly want makeup that is exactly the right color for you, try the Prescriptives counter. The women who work for them are generally very good at finding the right color for you, and if they don't have a "ready made" color, they will custom blend. I've gotten custom blended foundation and powder there and have been very happy with it. Plus, when they've custom blended foundation for me, I've ended up with more than I would have gotten with a "ready made" color from any brand.

It's been many years since I've gotten the custom stuff from them, though, because I've been wearing Chanel makeup for a long time now...

The Chanel counter, Prescriptives, and many others will do a full makeup at no cost -- sometimes you have to set an appointment to go in and have it done, other times you can just walk up to the counter and have it done. If you do it in the morning, that would give you the whole day to evaluate it (foundation, powder, eye makeup, the whole nine yards, as they say).

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I wear Clinique "Stay Sunny" and like it a lot. The one time I went to Prescriptives, I ended up returning the foundation. Their whole deal is to match your skin tone perfectly. I have a lot of yellow undertones in my skin, and that's what she matched. Well, I don't WANT to emphasize my yellowness! I tried to explain this when I did the return, asking for something with no yellow in it. She got very snippy! I completed the return and walked over to the Clinique counter :)

You can return anything to the dept. store if it doesn't work for you.

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I did ask at the Clinique counter if I could return foundations I didn't like and she said no. I was pretty surprised. That's one reason I went to Lancome.

Yesterday I tried Adaptive and the lady seemed very nice and knowledgeable. Older than the first girl (past 18 at least!) and seemed to know her stuff better. She tried two different colors and the first one she tried seemed too dark. She told me she'd have to go up two shades to try a blue undertone (b/c the next one up was yellow) and I told her to try it. After I moved to a different area with different lighting she agreed the lighter was better. She gave me two little tubes to try. The coverage wasn't bad (although I think she applied it a bit thick) but it seemed to rub off more easily and made me look slightly older, I thought. It seemed to slightly emphasize my pores in one particular area even though they said it shouldn't.

I will try it again today and see what I think. I would also like to try the Estee Lauder counter too but that's a lot of trips to the mall! LOL

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I like the Lancome "Photogenic" foundation. It is rather pricey, but I put it on lightly with a sponge and it lasts quite a while.

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If you have smooth type skin you should try one of the powder foundations. Most makeup companies have them now. I personally use Jane Iredale. It is a pressed powder with a sun screen, stays on all day, if you have the usual triangle of oiliness you just take a sponge and dab, takes the oil off but not the powder. You can find it at most dermatologist or spas. It is not any more expensive than over the counter makeups and is all natural. It gives a very smooth finish and you wont look all caked like some liquids do.

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Sigh, I bought a bottle of Estee Lauder something or other. Looked good when the counter person smeared it on me. It's way too pink! It doesn't match my neck skin at all, looks mask like. 35 bucks! Poof! I've gone back to cheapie stuff. Lo'real Visible Lift is nice, a little oily for me but not bad. Lo'real Truematch is nice too, very blendable. And if I miss on the color match, it isn't a financial tragedy.

I still stick with Estee Lauder mascara, eye pencils, powder, and shadows.

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I nearly lost it when she said they wouldn't return a bottle of CLinique. I mean, even many of the basic drug stores will return stuff if you don't like it, they just write off the cost. You would think these people would. As a side note, Lancome has marvelous mascara...

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phyllis...the acceptable practice when one of those little bims acts like that is to take down her name, note the day and time you were in there, and if you can't find a manager on duty, then contact both the store- and the cosmetic company (easy, with the web)

apologies are usually profuse- customer retention and new customer acquisition is most of what keeps the companies profitable, and any sales girl who gets CAUGHT messing with that is in for a fair bit of trouble.

and no, you shouldn't care if they lose their jobs- they don't deserve them in the first place. you didn't get an 'I'm sorry, I know that everyone else does that, but it's against policy, and I don't have a manager to override it'... you got snipped.

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I found a sample of Lancome Absolute foundation in a magazine. Tried it and liked it so much I went to the department stare and bought it.

I nearly fainted when I found out the price was $55 as I remember it. Yikes. This is from a woman who has used Cover Girl for many years (read cheap).

Having said that, it is the best foundation I have ever used. I use so very little of it and the coverage is so good.
They give you a tiny scoop to get the foundation out of the jar.

It will last a long time. It better at that price!

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Many counters will give you a sample of a foundation from a tester to take home and use for a few days, just ask.

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I wear Estee Lauder base and I love it. But when I went to buy a new bottle last month, I couldn't remember the shade I use so I wanted to try a tester. Most make-ups are too pink on me. The saleslady (at Foleys) told me what she thought was the color I wanted but didn't have a tester of it; however, she said if I bought the make-up, if I didn't like it after I tried it, I could bring it back with the receipt. It turned out to be the correct color but I liked the fact that I didn't have to worry about making a mistake since its so expensive.

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recently I switched to prescriptives photochrome, its a creme to powder foundation with an SPF of maybe 15? I really like it. my skin is oily in the middle and very very sensitive.

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I'm a big fan of the Estee Lauder "Air spun". Its almost a moisturizer and foundation in one. It blends great, and is very light. I am getting a lil too old for heavy coverage I think. Kinda always leaves me with a "dewy" look.

I try to buy makeup near christmas when you get those great package deals, or free with purchase gifts. Unfortunately, I asked at the counter in March, and Estee doesn't plan on running a good one of those til this fall.

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