Question about electronic igniter problems

jnettiAugust 12, 2007

I seem to have a problem with every gas grill I have purchased with regards to the igniter-- the insulation burns off, then the wires fray/burn and low and behold- no more electronic igniter!

The first 2 grill were very basic cheapos. The last one was what I thought a decent (at least more costly) grill from Costco. The igniter died after 2 years.

I don't cook overly greasy food, I clean the grill...

Is it me or is this an inherent issue with ignition on gas grills?

Is there a way to prevent this? Is it less common with a higher quality model (am looking at Weber S 450).



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The only igniters that I have had konk out on me were the ones that go to the side burner. I figure this is because it gets too much weather exposure. Finally bought a grill cover when we got out new grill 3 years ago and that seems to be doing the trick. We cover it every night, protects from dew as well as rain. The burners on the interior are holding up very well and the side burner works perfectly too. Ours is a Great Outdoors Pinnacle 4 burner Stainless unit and has stainless grates. I personally do not like the porcelain coated racks as they are susceptible to chipping and cracking.

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