TIP: Lippy stuff you can safely keep in your car

weed30March 12, 2004

I always like to have some easy to use lip color in my car. I often run out without on or it just wears off and I don't normally carry a purse. I've tried to keep different types in my car but they melt in the heat of summer, becoming impossible to apply and creating a big mess in the car.

Finally found some great stuff - Color Juice by L'oreal. It's in a squeezy tube so it's easy to apply without looking in the mirror. I used to have that stuff with a wand but there really isn't much in it and it requires precision application. This stuff is great - just colored gloss and there is a lot in the tube.

Sounds like a little goofy thing perhaps, but I thought maybe someone out there might like this tip.

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Sounds great, Weed.
I've seen it at the drug store but I was afraid it would be sticky. Remember the Yardley "Pot o'Gloss" that was such a fun fad (in junior high) except that it made your lips stick together, which was a really gross feeling.

Maybe glosses have come a long way in THIRTY YEARS.
So . . . what is the texture of this stuff?
(Thanks for the tip.)

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Texture is sort of like vaseline but not as thick. It does not make my lips stick together. I don't know about where you live, but the Walgreen's by me will take *anything* back. I can try something and hate it and they will take it back! The two colors I like are Watermelon Crush - a light clear pink, and Raspberry something (smash?) - a nice clear red.

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