what type of rails for my antique bed!!

smelissaJune 5, 2011

Just purchased an old metal headboard, footboard and exposed metal box spring. I have been researching for hours and can find absolutely nothing on what types of rails to use. The head and food board both have a single upward facing hook that I'm assuming holds the rails. I just cant figure out what type of rails to use. Heres a photo of my headboard.......

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The rails should have come with it.....they are metal rails that hook on that hook and have a sort of "shelf" that holds the spring.

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I have the same beds...did you every find out what type of rails are needed? lauren

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They are just as Linda described. Simple metal side rails with an L channel. It would not be hard for a welder to fashion those, but it's a shame they weren't included with the head and foot board.

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My vintage bed didn't come w/them. My friend's DH made them for me using1"x 6" boards~for strength, he screwed 2 together. He used some type of bracket(L)to connect to the headboard/footboard. 2"x4" were used to hold the mattress, no box spring needed. It a little tight tucking things in w/the footboard, so wish he would have allowed a few extra inches for 'tucking'. ;o)

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