homemade hair & face conditioners

darkeyedgirlMarch 3, 2003

Wow, I must say, I have found heaven in avacados, eggs, honey and cornstarch.

I started using honey & eggs on my face and hair about a month ago. It is really making a difference. I have "normal" skin. Finally. I'm 30... I had rather oily skin, NOT acne prone at all but just oily, thru my 20's. Well finally it's "drying out" or something and I can use higher moisture products and natural things (like honey) on my face.

I'm amazed at the difference, versus using store-bought cleansers.

I used honey mixed with eggs and a little baking soda, for exfoliation. My skin looks and feels great.

Also I mixed cornstarch with just a little bit of "fair" loose powder, it was Cover Girl I think? I don't like the colored powders anyway, I like my natural skin to shine thru. Cornstarch is great, real soft. If you have fair skin, try it.

Also the avacados; I put the guts into a blender with egg yolks (2), honey, coconut milk, and a squirt of real Mayo. Hit puree... make it really creamy. I have been using it in place of my conditioner. I have naturally curly hair and I tell you, my curls are bouncy and full and shiny!

I will not go back to spending $10 or so on a bottle of conditioner, not when I can go to the grocery and pick up these things.

Other things I've tried and liked:

Milk of Magnesia on face (like a mask - wash off)

powdered milk to scrub the face with (mix with honey)

- darkeyedgirl

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He he, I'm not a "make my own stuff" person. Too lazy. Been wanting to try mixing honey and oatmeal as mask for long time, never get myself to do it. You can use powdered milk in the bathtub as milk bath. Maybe put few drops of essential oil in it for fragrance. Have fun.

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Good idea to mix cornstarch and loose powder. I just tried it and it works great! Usually I just use baby powder but the cornstarch works better. Thanks!

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I LOVE my cornstarch. It is so wonderful. My skin has been looking radiant and I credit it to the cornstarch mixed with just a tad of loose powder.

Another thing I do (for the bleaching effect) is mix baking soda with powdered milk and an egg white. Beat it up real good, til it's frothy and kind of thick. Put it on your face and after about 15 minutes it will harden. Then just wash it off with COLD water.

I am so happy I'm finally to this point... during my teens and twenties I had oily skin and I over-inundated it with all those zit medicines. I think truthfully, I was overdrying my skin and my skin would overcompensate by sending too much oil to the pores! But now that I moisterize day and night and use the cornstarch, my skin has zero problems.

Kris you should try the honey and pulverized oatmeal on your face! It is awesome! It looks like someone got sick on your face (that is what my daughter told me, anyway) but your skin is sooo soft afterwards.

- darkeyedgirl

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Where did you get the recipes for homemade beauty products? Is there a book or a website?

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I found a bunch of websites on google. I think I may have to try some of these. Hope they work!


Here is a link that might be useful: homemade beauty product recipes

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Hi, I have just noticed this site and the forums available. It's quite cool. I have been researching homemade products over the past few weeks and written some blogs on homemade hair conditioners. there are so many wonderful ways which you can use home cupboard items to have fantastic looking hair. Have you any mayo, olive oil or honey. Well thats a start and you will notice the difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: Homemade Hair Conditioner

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