Anyone have info on this mammoth of a lamp?

thriftshopJune 20, 2010

I bought this lamp from a thrift store for 6 bucks because it was cool looking and really heavy. It appears to be made of brass and or bronze. It weighs around 25 pounds and stands about 3 feet tall. It is really heavy and I'd say a bit manlier of a lamp lol. If any lamps are really manly. I cannot seem to find a makers mark anywhere on the damn thing besides "Leviton" and "Made in the USA" as well as wattage. However all of these marks are on the bulb socket which I suspect may be newer than the lamp is. I'm not so sure this is an accurate mark. So... if anyone knows where I could find more info about a lamp like this or may know something.. then great. Also the lamp resembles a huge funeral urn. It is hollow somewhat in the bottom but the rest of the lamp is basically solid metal. I did google Leviton and came up with some antique lamps.. but mainly just sockets. I have yet to see any similar looking lamps.

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Fori is not pleased

I recommend photographs to share. :)

Yeah, Levitron makes sockets and switches (still! and not cheap ones) and is probably not useful information for figuring out anything about your lamp.

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Post a photo. It sounds like someone turned a samovar or a trophy or something into a lamp, with the Levitron socket.

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Could it be a Stiffel lamp? These seem to have similar markings.

Here is a link that might be useful: stiffel lamps

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I googled stiffel lamps and found one that is really close to my lamps shapes and design. So you may very well be right.

I posted the lamp I found in the link below. Does anyone else think it looks pretty close to mine?

Here is a link that might be useful: stiffel lamp

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I have a stiffle lamp and it's nothing like that....Stiffle made lamps of all did other makers.
It's just an old lamp...perhaps Stiffle but very likely not.
Put a new shade on it and don't worry about who might have made it.

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I like it! Perfect for your Ralph Lauren library. But I agree--the maker's not going to make much difference in your enjoyment. Most mass produced lamps, no matter how nicely designed, don't accrue value as vintage or antiques, excepting the Tiffany, Handel, etc.

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I always like to find out where objects come from.. it's really not a matter of value as I really do like the lamp. Of course it would be nice if it was some treasure sure.. but I don't really care. It's more that I haven't seen anyone else with a lamp like this before, and the weight of it alone is quite strange. Not that I go around scoping out lamps. It has some corrosion around the base that makes me think it was possibly set in marble or stone... you know really connected to a specific building. If that is the case a makers mark might help me find some history on where the lamp came from. Did some old courthouse get remodeled or demolished? How did this item go from being set in stone to being sold for the price of a fast food value meal in a dusty corner of some old thrift shop?

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It likely has a marble base at one time.
It's very unlikely that it was part of a building...
Someone had a nice lamp....and when they broke up the house they either sold it or gave it to someone who removed the base because it looked too "old fashioned" and when their tastes changed to chabby chic or country french, they donated the lamp.

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