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aiallegaJanuary 29, 2012

I need some recommendations for an OTR microwave oven. I have a 12 year old Whirlpool which has been good but the door latch is beginning to fail. I was going to get another Whirlpool but the reviews I have found have been terrible. I am fully aware that OTR microwaves are not the best situation but I do not have room for anything else in my small kitchen.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


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Sam Walton

Put me in line with Amy. My 20 year old GE is still working but it is slow. If someone find a good brand that will actually do the work and LAST, please do let us know.

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How much do you want to spend? If space is tight and you must use an OTR, I'd be tempted to get one with speed-cooking functionality like the GE Advantium (link below). It has warming and convection so you'd actually be getting a second oven as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Advantium OTR Microwave

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Thanks chris, I do have a full sized oven (30 inch) so I haven't given the Advantium any consideration. Does the speed cook feature make the microwave more complicated to use? I would welcome any opinions from people who have used one. My budget is fairly flexible. I just want a good one.
I do need the down lighting to be bright since I don't have a ceiling light directly over the stove.
I will definitely check out Advantium.

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We have the countertop LG Model: LCRT2010ST & love it. My brother bought the over the range version LG Model: LMH2016ST & is very pleased with it. Heats quickly and evenly, easy to clean, & roomy--I can put a large rectangle casserole dish in there and it still has plenty of room to spin on the turntable. They are pretty reasonably priced at Best Buy (that's where we both got ours). I will note that you should inspect the unit for any physical damage before taking it to the register to purchase--the first one I brought home had a small dent/ding in the side. When I took it back to exchange, I made sure I inspected the next one before leaving the store. Hope this helps & happy microwave hunting!

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I would be skeptical of putting anything expensive like an Advantium over the range. If you were to choose the location most likely to kill an appliance prematurely, it would be over the range. Even with the feeble ventilation function working, the electronics are exposed to constant high temperatures. Were it me, I'd stick with an inexpensive unit that won't be too painful to replace.

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clinresga, that is very true. I had not thought about that.

mydream, I have noticed that LG microwaves do generally get the best reviews. I will look more into that brand. It seems, however, that LG in general does not get favorable comments on GW.
Thank you for your input!

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Panasonic was recommended by several GW folks for a reliable basic microwave. Their newer models have a easy to read blue display, a knob for setting various controls, a sensor cook feature.

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+ 1 Panasonic

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Thanks lalitha and antss. I can't seem to find Panasonic MWs in any stores in my area. I don't want to buy online. Any ideas where to look?

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+2 panasonic

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Any specific model for the Panasonic (in my case it won't be over the range, but built in)? Not looking for a lot of bells and whistles, just the basic microwave to heat up food.

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Our 11-year-old Panasonic A/C has been great, but now that they are being made elsewhere, our appliance store no longer stocks them. Maybe same story on the M/W's? The *were* good? Like Maytag washers?

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Target, Wal-Mart

what's wrong with buying online? - that's not a shot, I'm just curious.

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Thanks antss but there weren't any OTR microwaves which, sadly, is what I have to use. Don't get me wrong I shop a lot online but i guess I would worry about shipping damage with an appliance. Thanks!

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sorry - I TOTALLY missed the OTR part.

Forget Target and WalMart, and I'll crawl back under my rock now.

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We have a 10 year old GE Profile with matching wall oven. I have posted before that ours is trouble free and heats faster than any other we have used. My daughter has one too and we noticed hers was fast before we moved into the house that had the same one.

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