I overdid it on my face

cookie8March 6, 2009

My husband is taking me out for dinner tonight so last night I figured I will give myself a facial for a nice "glow". Well, a red glow wasn't what I had in mind. So, after the exfoliation, toner, hard cream and moisturizer my skin is very tight and red today. Is there any suggestions to help minimize this? It's like a sunburn almost. Thanks for anything. I will also take suggestions for minimizing redness - makeup, anything.

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a bit of hydrocortizone blended in with moisturizer will tone down the 'burn' -

after that, less is more. out to dinner means soft lighting, a light tinted moisturizer is ok, but don't try and 'hide' it, you just risk irritating your skin.

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Aloe vera works miracles.

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I ended up dusting some mineral powder on. Lesson learned. I will go to bed with either aloe vera or diaper cream on my face tonight. Thanks for input.

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