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gumspring45March 5, 2014

I have tried a number of night creams and wondered if anyone uses Origens products. I haven't seen any posts on them. Also haven't seen much on Trish Mcevoy night cream. Any experience with l'occitane products? I wondered if cheaper alternatives are just as good. I read somewhere on here that all products are made in similar factories and just labeled differently. Any observations are helpful. I feel like I have a drawerful of creams like some people who quilt have a closet full of fabric! She who dies with the most face cream wins?

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What exactly do you want such a cream to do? I do think that they are all pretty similar and the advertising gives you greatly inflated expectations.

Lower your expectations and use up some of the products that you already have..

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Sushipup, just trying to keep my mature skin from getting more mature! I joke about the drawerful, but as soon as I get near the bottom of the jar, I am looking for something else. Guess I have to lower my expectations.

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I hear you, I also like to hear what others use, I have Eucurin facial moistuizer and Olay moisturizer at the moment, wondering about the Boots products and the aveeno.
Also foundations, guess what works for one person won't work for someone else.

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A good moisturizer and lots of sunscreen are all that's necessary. All the rest is a miracle of advertising. The worst things for aging skin are smoking and genetics. Only one of those is controllable!

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While I will agree with smoking, drinking, and genetics determine skin aging, I have to disagree about product. Things have come a long way. I recently subscribed to vegan cuts beauty box and got a sample of biao rejuvenating night cream. Omg! Instant smoothness, pore minimization and calm irritated areas. I used the sample up, and ordered a full bottle. In the two weeks that I didn't use it, I saw a marked difference in my skin. I started it again last night. Guess what? Back to smooth and lovely. Go to you'll find great product and reviews.

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Sounds like an ad. Should it be reported as spam? If you leave out the url it might be okay.

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Sadly, the cream that works for your skin. My skin is naturally very dry, thin, with rosacea and I am almost 64. My skin was basically the same at 16 but with cystic acne. I can't use acids/retinols/C and have major issues with most botanicals and am allergic to antihistamine. So basically it is very hard to find products that work for me since the trend these days is to use active products or botanicals. I do tend to look for creamy cleansers (doesn't matter how creamy my skin will still be dry before I start applying creams - and oil cleansing does not work for me). I have always used a moisturizing toner (one that does not contain alcohol or an exfoliant), a hydrating serum/cream, followed by a cream without added SPF - and as of probably the mid 70s a stand alone sunscreen. My facial skin cannot handle a cream with a combined SPF. Then I use a foundation with oil. The biggest need for me other than finding something that I can use - is that the product absorb. Many of the drug store products do not absorb - or if they do, they have too much fragrance or are too harsh. So all you can really do is keep trying products - and always check for reformulations before rebuying. I had several products change on me this past year so it has been hard.

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Try the Paula's Choice Resist anti-aging products. Especially the Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Resist Anti-Aging Products

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