Best Ribs

brnthumbinflAugust 29, 2002

It's too bad the majority of postings here are about grills. Better we should be comparing recipes that would be great on any grill. Or we could be like the cooking site and wrap the ribs in foil and cook in the oven. Yuck!

Who makes the best ribs?

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Well I do, of course! ;^D


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Very Deep, Beano...

Gas, charcoal or smoker?


Wet or Dry?

fess up

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Let's get to sharing some good recipes. Last year I got the beer can chicken off the site and have enjoyed it. Summer's almost over ... who has some good recipes???

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All I know how to cook on the grill is carne asada.
I like to buy the carne that is already prepared with onions, peppers and lemon juice etc.
I make pico de gallo and make tacos out of it.It is real delicious.
I would love some new recipes for the grill.It is too hot to stay inside the kitchen cooking.I would rather be outside cooking on the grill with a cold beer in my hand,but unfortunatly I don't know what else to cook besides the carne asada and chicken.

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Hey brnthumbinfl don't be nasty about the cooking forum. Not everyone on the cooking forum wraps their ribs in foil, nor do they preboil before grilling, another no no. LOL
There are a number of very talented cooks on the cooking/recipe forums. Maybe you should join us there sometime.

I like to use a dry rub, either a Greek and a Cajun. For Greek, my favorite, I rub baby back ribs with fresh minced garlic and lots of oregano, salt and pepper. About one hour before grilling I squeeze fresh lemon juice over the ribs. For Cajun style, rub with garlic, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Heat grill to medium to medium high, (depending on your grill you might have to heat to high) and place ribs on and grill until nicely coloured. Move over to the off side of the grill and turn the temp to medium high or high on the on side. Cook ribs over indirect heat until tender.

On my grill it takes approximately 45 minutes for tender cooked ribs.


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Desire, you may have to translate for this anglo. What is carne? If you can cook it on a grill, I've cooked it! I own 2 gas grills, 2 Webers and a smoker. If you're spanish, I have a great pork roast recipe where you coat the roast with a brown sugar and rum mix, than wrap it in banana peels. I'll have to send it to you.

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Ann T - got tired of them crowing about their "fall off the bone" bbq ribs, that never saw the grill. I think I suggested they all have a McRib sandwitch. Good BBQ makes the entire neighborhood smell good!

Actually I enjoy the "inside cooking" sites. I bought a couple pressure cookers and have a crock pot, so I enjoy trying meats that way. Just don't try and convince me oven cooked meat is BBQ.

I like dry ribs. Will have to try your Greek style.

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You won't get an argument out of me on that one. I fully agree with you.


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I'm serious. I make the best ribs in the least, I think so! As long as you like what you make, isn't that all that matters? :)

I'm from the middle of the country. I prefer K.C. style over baby back. Since the K.C. cut comes from the bottom half of the rib cage it gets more exercise than the baby back upper half, plus it has more fat on it. Because of this I believe the meat has a lot more flavor. The meat is not quite as tender as bb's but I don't mind. I like the chewier texture of the K.C. cut, and if you know your stuff you can still get it to fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. The K.C. cut takes longer to cook than the bb's but that doesn't bother me a bit. To me, good ribs approach a form of art; and you just can't rush good art!

For years I used a Brinkman smoker, then I bought a 22" Weber silver. I find the Weber a much better tool for the job. I use only Kingsford charcoal and soaked hickory chunks. I think using a dry rub is essential. I usually make my own with salt, sugar, paprika, cayenne, black pepper, thyme, maybe some oregano or other herbs based on what I'm in the mood for. A lot depends on what kind of sauce I plan to use. The rub flavor must compliment the sauce otherwise you'll get some really funky tasting ribs. Once the rub has had a chance to take(4-6 hours), I smoke and dry roast the ribs in the Weber for 11/2 to 2 hours. In the meantime I whip up my sauce. Usually I start with a locally made, tomato based hickory sauce to which I add honey, Tabasco, brown sugar, a little oil, and some of the same herbs I used in the rub. Other times I'll make a fruit based sauce with apricot or plum jelly, vinegar, water, salt, pepper, Tabasco, brown sugar, plus whatever herbs I'm wanting(thyme, oregano, marjoram, sometimes even mint or Chinese five spice).

Once the ribs are done to perfection, I take them off the grill and onto foil. I brush them with sauce, seal the foil, and place into a low(200) oven for 1/2 an hour or so, then remove from oven and let rest for 10-20 minutes before opening the foil and serving. Then I spend the next several hours in heaven...


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I am sorry, Carne is meat in spanish.I am just use to referring to the BBQ meat as carne asada.
I use Ranchera style meat,(forgive if there is another name for it or not). I just go to my neighborhood mexican market and ask for a few pounds of carne ranchera ya preparada,I believe the "preparada" parts means marinaded,or to put the marinade in the bag along with the meat.
I would also like to try the roast you wrote about.
I have a gas grill that I just bought at the end of summer last year so I don't have much experience with grilling YET.
But I absolutely am the kind of person who is not afraid to try new things, and new recipes and new methods of preparing different foods.

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I used to get the best results grilling baby back ribs in my Kingsford BBQ. I would array pre-lit coals (I use a starting chimney) around a drip pan full of water. Then I'd add some damp hickory or alder wood on top of the glowing coals. Then I'd put the raw ribs over the drip pan. I devices a second deck with a smaller rectangular grill and tin cans, and put more ribs on top of that. Then I'd lower the lid, the temperature would hit 450, and I'd adjust the lower vents to keep the temperature between 275 and 375, adding more hot coals from a standby chimney starter as needed. After a couple of hours, great tasting smoked ribs from which the meat does fall off the bone!

A few years ago I got a New Braunfels horizontal smoker with a separate fire box, but to tell the truth, the results have never been as tender as what I used to get with the Kingsford. However, I will admit that guests tend to gobble up the ribs before I get much of a chance to sample them!

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Now you're talking! My BIL has me conditioned to buy baby backs, but I did the full-sized ribs for years. I like to take the membrane off the back with the spare ribs, but that's a job.

Agree with your statement on the rubs! I'll have to try foil after grilling. I usually keep the baby dry untill they're done, then move them from the smoker to the gas grill just to add the sauce. I am definately gonna try your sauces!!!

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I'll scan the recipe for the pork and shoot it to you. What's your email.


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It's certainly a matter of choice, but I never remove the membrane on spare ribs. In fact, I'd never even heard of doing that until a few years ago. IMO, keeping it on helps keep the meat moist while cooking, plus I actually like eating it too. It reminds me of the crispy/chewy skin on the end of the Thanksgiving turkey legs. Delicious! But If you don't like it, it easily strips right off the bone once cooked.

I also keep them dry until done. Occasionally, I brush them once while still on the grill in the last ten minutes just to get a little carmelization action going. Also, I forgot to say when I transfer them to foil, I sauce them up and wrap them up in sealed foil tents. #1, I don't want the foil touching the sauce, #2, I want an air pocket. This helps to steam the sauce into the ribmeat, infusing the meat with sauce flavor. As long as you don't do this for too long, it will not effect the meat's texture. Plus, don't store sauced ribs in the foil. The acid of the sauce will eat right through it!



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my email is deserey_2@yahoo.
Thank you in advance.

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Monday, Labor Day, I cooked 5 slabs of baby backs. Made a rub of a mild chili powder, salt, pepper and charcoal flavor. Smoked them on the smoker for 4 hrs. Then sauced 'em and gave them 30 minutes on the gas grill. Might have been my best ever.

Anybody do beef ribs?

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Way to go, thumb!


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Hey thumb, you may be real good at grilling, I'm sure you are. But pressure cookers and crock pots are right up there with cooking ribs in the oven!

We are all good at something....a friend from the cooking forum!

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Here is a picture of last nights dinner, Greek style, Baby Back ribs. Right on the grill not the rotissiere. They were tender and flavourful.


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IMHO, the only way to properly do ribs is in a woodburning smoker with an offset firebox. Forget all the fancy marinading, rubs, etc. A couple of weekends ago, I did four large slabs of pork ribs. I got them on sale at Wallyworld. I simply seasoned them with salt and pepper. Then I smoked them over lump charcoal and hickory wood at 275* for about four hours, rotating and turning them occasionally. I then wrapped them in heavy duty foil and cooked them another 90 minutes. They were ever so tender and moist. The surface was crispy from the direct exposure to the smoke for the four hours. People kept asking me what all spices I used, and if I marinaded them first. But, I didn't answer them--said it was a "trade secret". The key to any authentic barbecuing: let the smoke do the cooking and flavoring over an authentic wood fire. Nothing else even comes close.

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baby back ribs have very little meat on the bones. I buy them at costco they also have regular ribs which are much bigger than baby back. To me they all taste the same.

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While I can agree that regular ribs have more meat, baby backs spoil you because they slice up so easily. Seems the big ribs have the bone running perpendicular to the ribs, plus they throw in a extra piece that is cut funny.

If $$ is no object, I'd rather buy more baby backs. Like a good filet, though smaller is more satisfying that a large sirloin.

Don't have the offset smoker that BBQ Mike has... but might soon :-)

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