Alcohol smelling perfume

michelle_phxazMarch 12, 2011

I have purchased on ebay 6 small .25oz bottles of my favorite perfume and all but 2 have come in smelling like pure alcohol.

Is their any way to prevent this or reverse the odor or has if totally gone beyond bad?

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I've never heard of that; could it be a scam? did you contact the seller ?

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Perfume is like cosmetics, they don't last much longer than 6 months or they go bad. Perfume contains alcohol, and the older the perfume gets the more "alcohol-y" it smells.

Not a scam, just old perfume I found out, eBay refunded my money when the seller admitted it was about a year old.

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The shelf life for perfume is stated at 3 to 5 years, depending it's exposure to sunlight etc... yours has to be more than a year if it smells of alcohol .
Thanks goodness the seller refunded you.

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Mitchdesj, I have to disagree, most perfumes I have ever bought are bad after a year, and these little sample bottles were not quite a year old, they were a sample give-away last summer.

And the seller refused to refund, but eBay found in my favor and refunded the entire price, I unfortunately left positive feedback too soon before I got to smell it! Doh.

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Mitch is right. The shelf life of perfume depends on where and how they are stored.

Some perfumes can last 10+ yrs.

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