extension hose for natural gas Weber

dgmarieAugust 1, 2007

I have a new Weber Genesis series grill connected via a standard 10' hose to a natural gas connection. On occasion I'd like to move my grill more than 10' away from the pipe, and have bought another 10' hose to connect the two in series (changing out the connectors to marry up correctly). I contacted Weber and they couldn't think of a reason why this would be a problem. Before I potentially blow up the house, I was wondering if I am missing something obvious as to why this would be a bad idea.

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You are not missing anything....

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Thanks. We had no problems after all. It worked fine.

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I also have a natural gas grill that we push around the patio on a 12ft hose. I have been previously told by someone who knows that we couldn't extend the hose. After reading your post I decided to get a more definitive answer. My father-in-law, who was in the gas business for many years, says that adding more hose will reduce the gas flow a small amount. The grill will still work, there are no safety issues, but the BTU output will be reduced somewhat. Perhaps an imperceptible amount depending on the length of the hose. Unlike the pipe that brings the gas to your patio, the NG hose has small corrugations, or ridges, on the inside that slightly restrict the air flow. This results in less gas to the burner. How much less? Dunno.

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I also just bought a Weber Genesis natural gas grill and would like to extend the range of the standard 10ft hose. There is a pre-built gas connection to my patio, but since this is the first time I am handling a grill of any type I am not sure if I need to get professional grill hookup. I called Weber and they said that I should be able to do the hookup myself. Thoughts?

Also, what would be your suggestion as to what type of hose to get and how to change out the connectors to marry the two hoses? Thanks in advance.

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There are no noticeable issues I have seen. The gas flow seems exactly the same.

We simply went to the Ace hardware or True Value and bought a REPLACEMENT gas hose for it. It comes ready to go in the bag. The threads are slightly different but they match up to work. We also used plumbers tape to make a tight fit. No problems.

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