Shower Stall Redo

kkamdertzJanuary 3, 2011

Brand new to this forum. I have been reading posts for the last few days. I have found a bunch of great information on my project and other useful information.

Short story: What started as a mold problem at the base of my shower stall has grown into a redo of my basement shower stall. Existing walls removed to studs. No exterior walls.

Shower base size: 34" x 48". Brother-in-law with better skills has agreed to help.


1)Create bench along back wall of shower

2)Niche/insets along side wall to accommodate HBA items

3)Ceramic tile 6"sq.and glass/mosaic for niche & bench wall

First Problem/Question:

Thought my niche depth would be 4" but because of constraints from previous work depth available is now 3". I have access to a concrete shower pan that is 32" x 48". Should I yank the old one and use the concrete one? It would add the depth I need for the niche.

I have photos but I need to read the directions for posting.

Thanks for the help.

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