VERY short hair cut

arizonaroseMarch 22, 2007

Firstly...I'm female. middle aged with very fine hair. I have been considering a very short *spikey* hair cut for spring/summer. I wear it pretty short anyway, but I like the gelled, wet look. Since my hair is so fine & flat I thought this might look good. My hair dresser said it would be so cute on me.

Question: How do you feel about this type of hair cut on a woman? Do you think it it unfeminine? What sort of jewelery do should I wear? How about clothes...should I stay away from tops w/collars? Tell me what you think...

Hope I get some feedback....

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I think it sounds cute.

I'm think you will look quite feminine, but you can be sure to wear earrings, simple necklace chains, nice make-up. You should look spectacular, and very hip! I don't know about collars but I think you can wear any kind of top you want.

One thing about hair, it's not permanent, so if you don't like it, it will grow out. Give it a try.

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socks, thank you so much for your reply. I just need some opinions. I'm afraid I will get it cut & regret it. But you're right will grow back.

but think I'm gonna do it!

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My sister, who is 63 years young, has been wearing her hair spiked (and stopped coloring it) for several years now and it looks great! She was always the conservative one growing up, so the first time I saw her with her hair spiked, it totally surprised me. She really looks good with this hair style, very feminine, and gets lots of compliments. Go for it, as socks said, it will grow back. Once you get your hair cut, go home and experiment with your clothing and jewelry.

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I used to wear my hair very short in the 80's. It can look very cute and feminine. I always made sure I wore earrings to look more dressed up with short hair. I never wore large heavy necklaces with short hair.

I think Elizabeth Taylor looked fabulous when she went to short grey hair.

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I think it really depends on the woman.Some look great with it! I for one can tell you I dont like how short hair makes me look.I feel much prettier with long locks...BUT TO EACHES OWN!
If you already have kinda short hair,go for it! If you hate it ,it will have grown out by the end of summer.

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Thanks everyone for the replys! One question i have is, what is it about chunky necklaces and very short hair? I have a couple of sort of heavy choker styles that I like...would that look odd? I always wear make-up..especially eye make up and always earrings some small some large depends on how I feel. just curious about the necklaces.

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I'm 60 and that's the way I wear my hair and I love it. I think the chunky jewelry would just add to it. You go girl!!

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I think tahoe is right,the necklaces would add to the cut.If anything it will draw more attention to the necklaces because your collarbone (which is partly hidden by alot of women's long hair) will be visable and shown off more.
Sounds like you have a great sense of style!

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Oh thank you everyone!! I have an appt tomorrow afternoon, i'm gonna go for it. I'll post back & let ya'all know how it works for me. Thanks again!!

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