flat warts

tonyterriMarch 17, 2007

does anyone had these flat warts like under the eyes? and is there anything to help remove them? Seems like its multiplying slowly under my eyes. pls help b/4 i see a dermotologist. thanks

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The only person who can help you with this is a dermatologist.

DO NOT try wart removal, from around the eyes, yourself. This is not a DIY project.

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They are not warts,they are called milla.Usually caused by a heavy moisterizer.A dermatologist can remove them with a needle...dont attempt to do this yourself! Cut out any heavy,or oily type products you are using under the eye and they should lessen.

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I've studied on medicinal herbs and here's something I've read but I've never tried on anyone since I don't know anyone with a wart.
take a dandelion stem and squeeze the milky juice out, dab that on the wart.
just something I've read once.

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Try witch hazel on a cotton ball at night. My daughter's disappeared after using this to minimize pores.

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Let me repeat......... do not atttempt wart removal from around the eyes yourself!

This is not a DIY project. There is to great of a chance for things to go wrong. The skin around the eyes is very different from skin on the rest of the body, using acid or freezing is too strong to attempt at home.

Also there is a chance that an inexperienced person could actually damage their eyes is the chemicals get into them.

Sure, try at home wart removal for the warts on your hand or elsewhere but not for anywhere near a mucous membrane.

Although the OP asked about wart removal, I am sure it is just what coolmama said; milla. Warts are a virus and CAN grow anywhere. OP should see a dermatologist and get a proper diagnosis.

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These may be cholesterol deposits. They are not unusual, and look like slightly lighter than your skin color, slightly raised bumps, easy to confuse with warts. My sister says they can also be caused by caffeine! Many of these type of things can also indicate other health problems, so you should have them checked out. I have two under one eye, and since they're relatively unobtrusive, I just don't worry about them. My dermatologist checks me over every year, and hasn't said anything adverse about them. I would not try to treat these at home. The area around the eyes is very sensitive, and using anything even slightly corrosive such as wart treatments runs the risk of getting into the eye. If these are really bothering you, go to a dermatologist. Don't try to treat them yourself, it's too dangerous!


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Use salicylic acid to treat warts at home. It is a very effective but slow treatment. It will take many months before the warts vanish completely. Though slow, this treatment is highly potent, easier, cheaper and causes less pain than other treatments.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wart Treatment

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Are you nuts? Or is this trolling?

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I was thinking they might be cholestrol bumps as well. We had a family friend that had a lot of them, although hers were above the eyelid. They certainily resembled flat warts.

My husband has a lot of flat warts on his legs. The doctor gave him retin A to get rid of them because there were so many. Maybe you can get wrinkle treatment and remove warts all at once :-)

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