Napoleon Grills and charcoal tray

curlylocksAugust 14, 2006

Can anyone please tell me how they like their stainless steel Napoleon grills and what pros or cons you find with it. We're looking to purchase a barbecue from the Continental series which has two drawers in the centre of the unit. I also don't know which is better (or if it's a matter of preference) whether to go for a barbecue that's deeper from front to back or to go for one that's shallower but longer in length. Any pros and cons from your own experience with the size and depth would be very helpful. We're tired of replacing barbecues so any information would be very helpful.

Also, I found an accessory that's a charcoal tray to use with the gas barbecue (I'm guessing to be able to use it as a charcoal grill) and I'm wondering if anyone's got it and how they like it.

Thanks for all your help.

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Would love to help, but we haven't gotten ours installed yet. Have you checked prices at We got a good deal there. I bought the charcoal tray. They say that it works well, and it doesn't cause any problems(which was my big concern). It is so that you can use the grill as a charcoal grill. As far as the depth and length of the grill, I would think that it depends somewhat on which way the burners run(thinking about direct and indirect heat). I would also think that the depth might determine to some extent what size meat you could do on the rotisserie. I could see that having a deeper grill would make you have to reach over hot grates more, and if it goes much deeper than 20 inches or so, it might seem a little odd reaching back to the very back of the grill especially with a warming rack.

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The charcoal tray works great .. you kinda need two of them though if you want to do more than a couple of steaks. The one drawback to the charcoal tray is the cleaning. making shure the ashes don't get into the gas holes in the burner. Other than the they work great especialy lighting .. u use the gas to get it lit . no fluid needed... as far as depth to length .. it's really preference (whitchever you prefer) .. Napoleon is a great grill and I don't think you can beat it for the price . best prices on the net for Napoleon is azgrills.

Here is a link that might be useful: azgrills

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