Mascara Junkie.........WaterProof

bonkersMarch 12, 2007

I seem to collect different types of mascara and have yet to find one that I like. I want one that is waterproof as that I tend to cry a lot. Anything will be appreciated!

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Sorry you cry alot! that's not good!

I used to wear waterproof all the time but it was hard to remove them without a clump of my lashes so I only use it in the summer now when I know I'll be swimming.
The only one I have ever liked is Loreal Volumnious. The other kinds dont give enough thickness to lashes.

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Thank you coolmama. I will look for the Loreal brand. Most times I end up with that pink/green waterproof brand. It's all that I can find!

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Your welcome,I hope you cry less!

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This subject has been discussed a lot at one other forum that I like to post at. L'Oreal Voluminous is always recommended but it can be you will have to spend some time getting the excess off the brush before you use it each time. For me I have to use it because I'm allergic to everything but this. Another one that everyone seems to like is the Rimmel WP mascara. Not clumpy but I couldn't use it because my eyes burned from it. Otherwise I liked the way it went on without the clumps.

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I don't like the Loreal products they are too thick for me. The best waterproof I have found is the Fabulash by Revlon. I don't usually wear waterproof except for swimming and weddings. LOL

I always use the good old Maybeline in the green and pink tube. I have tried cosmetic counter products, and I can't find anything that works as well/better than the Maybeline. I don't like mascara that makes lashes look clumpy. I have very long lashes fortunately, unfortunately they are blonde, so I am really looking for the best color and ease of application.

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I've been using the Avon wash-off waterproof for years. It washes off with soap and water. I always put on two coats and it's never failed me yet.

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