Hair problem need help.

kristopher9876March 30, 2007

Need your help desperately, I am 28 and I facing hair fall for the few months. I am even scared of putting comb. I donÂt know what has happened but the hair fall, it has just increased day by day. Can any one tell me what should I do control hair fall. Caz I have tried a lot of homely tips. But no improvement till now

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I was a hairdresser before I became a stay at home mom.
People use to purchase Nioxin shampoo as prevention to hair loss.
some people swore by it, some others didn't see a difference.
It does smell nice thou, minty.
it's expensive thou.
also, massaging your scull is a good idea.
when you shampoo your head, massage it for a while, it helps with the blood flow.
hope your sort it out soon.

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Go see your dermatologist immediately. Hair loss is not generally caused by a disease, but may be related to aging, heredity, or an hormonal inbalance.

It could also be Alopecia areata which is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles.

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