Cracked heels - why only women?

organicboatMarch 14, 2007

Has anyone ever wonder why only we women get cracked heels, but not the men? Is it really because of the shoes and sandals that we wear?

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Men do get cracked heels, I notice that in the summer. My husband has very soft heels and feet but he always wears socks and flat comfortable shoes 99% of the time, rarely sandals and rarely barefeet so you might have a point.

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My heels get dry from wearing sandals and open-back shoes with no socks, which is most of the time here in California. Men don't usually do that.

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A friend of mine pointed out that one gets cracked heels from wearing open backed shoes with no socks. I was skeptical about this theory, but since that conversation, I have noticed that this does seem to be the case in my experience. Since then, if I do wear sandals, I wear socks unless I am at the beach or somewhere where my feet will get wet.

Most of the time I stick with canvas shoes in the summer rather than sandals, feet don't seem to get so ragged that way.

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My pedicurist told me that the tissue on the bottom of your feet is very porous like a sponge. She says after showering you MUST dry your feet thoroughly or the water build up in there and causes the skin to stretch and therefore split

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Hate to differ, newbegin, but if I dry my feet well it's only between my toes. I wear socks or hosiery and my heels are always soft. In summer, if I wear sandals or go barefoot, in a couple of days I can see my heels get rough so shoes go back on. Other causes for cracked heels and feet are severe foot fungus.

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About once a month or so when I am going to wear white sox and sneakers, I liberally apply baby oil gel to the bottoms of my feet. Then I put on the sox and sneakers and by the time I take them off, my feet are nice and smooth, especially the heels. You might have to do this 2 days in a row if your heels are really cracked. You could probably do the same thing with socks at night, but I don't like to wear socks at night. I wash my white socks in hot water and bleach which removes any traces of baby oil. I tried it with darker socks, but a warm water wash didn't remove the oil.

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I have stopped going barefoot due to plantar fascitis. I no longer have rough heels. They feel like a babies butt. I went bare foot unless I was outside. I just noticed this the other day. It's a bonus b/c I do hate wearing shoes in the house

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I really don't know what causes cracked heels, however, here is a cheap way to get rid of them. I use a product called "Udderly Smooth" which I purchase at CVS. It is used on cows udders when they are cracked. Might sound strange but it works. At night after my shower, I rub into my heals & put on a couple pair of socks. Even my husband uses now, he was wearing the heels out of all his socks until he started doing this also.

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Wow... This is informative but yet kind of disturbing and disgusting.

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