gas hook-up problem

nandwAugust 21, 2002

My husband put our gas grill together and the knob is not connected so you can use it to turn on the gas. He lights the grill by turning on the gas and using a match light by holding it at the base of the grill. Is this dangerous? I love food cooked outside but I love him more. Hurry, before he blows!

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This could be dangerous but follow these tips and all should be well.

  1. Make sure the lid it up.
  2. Light the match FIRST, then turn on the gas.
  3. Get the gas knob connected.
  4. Have many years together cooking outside.
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Seems like it's best to shut the grill off at the tank anyway, when finished griling, so your hubby's technique is a bit crude but workable. It bypasses all the potentially low quality fittings on the gas knob, so it may actually be slightly safer. Depending.

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