traeger grill

CaptainsgirlAugust 12, 2002


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I never have.

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Their web site
I have one I got at a yard sale, but have yet to use it. I hardly ever cook outside, unless I'm at a park. I get the newsletter from the company, and always enjoy reading it. Maybe someday I'll enter one of the cooking contests. You can win a new grill. Then I'd have two I wouldn't be using! Hope this is a help.

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Sorry I am just now finding your question.
We stumbled upon Traeger grills at a home show around March. We knew nothing about them, but we were in the market for a grill and I fell in love with the Steer grill. The vendor was packing up and made us a great deal. We took home our grill still knowing very little about how these grills operated. After one use, we were hooked! We will NEVER go back to anything other than Traeger. Everything tastes 100% better. It's easy to use like a gas grill and foods taste better than off a charcoal grill. Everything is so juicy! We started BBQing 4 times a week. I could have saved some money on my double ovens if I knew we were going to come across this amazing creature. We have tried different flavors of pellets, but I haven't been able to tell much of a difference in taste. As part of the deal we got several of their rubs and seasonings - all excellent! Now, the guy at the home show said he even bakes cakes and cookies on his. I haven't tried this yet. The store in our area that sells the grills and pellets has BBQ demonstrations frequently. Check with the dealer in your area, maybe you can try this grill out before you buy. But, even if you can't I really don't think there is any way anybody could be unhappy with this grill! It does need to be plugged in to an electrical outlet, for the igniter, so make sure you have one nearby.
Please email me if you have any other questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Steer

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I have the DLX100 model, cant even immagine grilling with out it now. nothing ever burns and everything tastes great. I have been a big weber genisis fan for 10 years but my weber has sat covered since the first time I used the traeger.


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After a lot of reseaerch I am about ready to purchase a Traeger Professional pellet burning grill. My only concern involves the cost after the rather substantial purchase price. I am a retired school teacher on a fixed income and wonder about how much will be spent on the necessary pellets. Does anyone have any ideas about the cost of grilling several times a week on a Traeger ?

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A $15 bag of pellets lasts me through about 10-12 grilling sessions. Depends upon what I'm grilling. Burgers and brats take less, ribs and briskets take much longer. I haven't used my stainless gas grill since I bought my Traeger. Expensive but well worth the cost. With wood smoke, get used to burgers with a pink/red smoke ring on the outside. They won't be brown unless you burn them dry.

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Does it get hot enough to sear steaks? Thanks.

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We bought a Traeger a few years ago, used it once or twice, and put it away. We couldn't get it hot enough to cook burgers--seemed like they took forever. I guess we should drag it out and try again.

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Yes, they get hot enough to sear steaks. They get hot enough to bake (take-n-bake pizza, pies, etc. at about 400 degrees), They are great for smoking just about anything, that thanksgiving turkey, pork, beef brisket,... just set it and forget it. I have taken pork country-style ribs, smoked them for about 3-4 hours, taken them off the grill, and had nothing but complements.

One complaint though. My wife likes her hot dogs to be a little charred. It's impossible. I have to fire up the gas grill to burn a couple just for her.

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The Big Green egg is so much more versatile than a traeger and you don't have to buy compressed wood pucks.
The BGE sears like a dream and I can slow smoke pork for 24 hours on a single load of charcoal.

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