Eyeliner that will not smear? Have oily skin

colorcrazyMarch 1, 2009

Is there any other poster that has oily eye lids? I used to use L'Oreal liquid eyeliner. Passe, I know, but it did not smear. Now I can't find anything that won't leave a mirror image on my upper eyelid. UGH So I've stopped wearing eyeliner entirely, but I miss it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I am using Urban Decay's waterproof liner pencil, it stays.........

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I've tried everything like you and found the best results using a method my friend taught me in college (20 yrs. ago, yikes!): dampen a flat (1/4" wide) rounded tip brish and swipe, like a painter on a palette, eyeshadow (bobbi brown is best for this) and apply sideways to get a fine line, not on the flat 1/4" side--does this make sense? liquid eyeliner is so stark and 50's looking and this way is very natural and contemporary. the effect is also slightly smudged, in a desirable way. it should last you at least half the day, then freshen up for the evening. good luck!

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I'm going to try that, nolamom; what a great tip.

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M�A�C. Waterproof liquid eyeliner works great. Used and using it since 2007

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I have found putting a foundation of powder on your eyelids before and after the eyeliner helps it not to smear.

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I've tried everything out there and the ONLY thing that works for me (oily skin, contacts, tightlining) is Jordana felt tip eyeliner and it's $1.99 at walgreens.

seriously, i was so happy to discover it and yet so mad that i've wasted so much money looking over the years (drugstore and high end ) and i have a whole drawer of old eyeliners that i'm now using for arts and crafts lol.

also, my HG mascara is the loreal telescopic waterproof (in silver tube with blue writing). no smudging.

of course to get all these no smudging products off is the neutrogena makeup remover (the one you have to shake before using), the generic brand of this works too.

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