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michie1February 20, 2006

I have very short thin skimpy lashes but I have not worn mascara for years other than formal occassions because I wore contacts & always found the mascaras to flake in my eyes & then eye make-up removers would leak residue onto my contacts. Well I had LASIK done several wks ago & I am now ready to go back to wearing mascara. I prefer waterproof mascara b/c those black shadows of the oozing mascara I find hideous. Anyway my problem is not so much finding the right mascara as it is finding a good & easy to use eye make-up remover. I still think I'd prefer one that's not too greasy. Any suggestions? Drug store brand preferred.


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These are my favorites. The packaging I find is different. This must be new packaging.

Here is a link that might be useful: Makeup remover pads

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I've been using Maybelline eye makeup remover. It's a little oily, but I wash my face afterwards and it does a good job getting the mascara off. I really like Mary Kay extremely gentle eye makeup remover a LOT better- not oily at all- but I lost my MK rep and need a new one, hence the Maybelline.

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I use a non greasy non irritating eye makeup remover by Marcelle, it's in a bright blue bottle, it goes on like water. It's quite similar to the Lancôme remover that is in a blue glass bottle except it's cheaper.

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I use Ponds pre moistened towlets to clean my face and remove all eye make up.

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I use baby-oil at night. Then I wipe arouod my eyes with a damp, soft cloth. It is cheap and does not stay oily like you think it would. It feels good.

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I've tried several, but my favorite is Bi-Facil by Lancome.

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Plain old vaseline works great and it's cheap!

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Pampers aloe baby wipes.

Cheap and remove any kind of make-up I've ever encountered.

Alexa - btw - they also do a great job removing spots from clothing LOL!

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I like to use baby shampoo to remove eye makeup. I work it into lashes while in the shower and it easily removes even waterproof mascara. And without irritating my sensitive eyes the way makeup remover does.

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I have used NIVEA original lotion for 20 years for eye makeup removal.Works great.If you try it make sure you get the original formula, the others are too greasy.

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