seeking source for antique closet hardware

organic_lucaJune 17, 2011

Looking to turn an old armoire into a coat closet but it is not deep enough for coat hangers. I once saw a brilliant piece of hardware on an antique English wardrobe in which the rod hung from back to front and pulled out for easy access to the clothing. Any suggestions?

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I don't think you will have much trouble finding the hardware....but it won't work for coats....they are too heavy for a rod without support on both ends.
Perhaps a rod with a bracket support from the ceiling of the armoire would work? Or do as the old timers did....hang the coats from big hooks on the back wall of the armoire.

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You are right about the coats being too heavy ... this particular piece of hardware I saw was also supported to the ceiling of the closet. I have never seen anything like it, but apparently it was common place ... at least that is what the dealer told me. I would use hooks, but i want to hang many coats and alot of the coats are "formal" and need to be on hangers or they will lose their shape. THanks!

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They used to hang the coats on hangers and hang the hangers on the hook...can't hang too many that way....but some.

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