Soaking Off Acrylic Nails

phonegirlFebruary 3, 2008

I'm new to the forum and thought I'd send another way to soak off acrylic nails for those who need help. Use Acetone on a cotton ball and then cover with alluminum foil. You may have to scrape and reapply a few times but it gives you the ability to move around while your doing this. Hope this will help someone someday.

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If you use this method, put your hands in plastic baggies and then put them into heated mittens. The heat will help the process go faster.

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Thanks Shaun. I'll try using plastic bags and the mittens. It's always nice to hear others ideas for help. It isn't a fun job so we can always make it more pleasing by using a faster method.

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My daughter bouight an acrylic nail remover which consists of a bottle of acetone remover and ten little plastic buckets you can stick your fingers in. The buckets can also be filled with olive oil if you want to condition your nails.

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I bought one of those Litle Dipr's they're called but you have to keep your fingers down or the acetone will run out. Pretty effective. I had forgotten about it so I'll have to bring it back out. Thanks for the reminder Jannie.

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Thanks for the tips ladies REALLY. I damage my nails so bad because i just take them off thee old fashion way...with my teeth lol. Next time I'll try one of these methods. Thanks a Bunch!

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There is also a Quick Soak Bowl, you fill the unit with hot water and then fill the bowls with acetone and let your acrylics soak. The hot water heats the acetone safely.

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