Laser Therapy for growing Hair - experiences??

liesbethFebruary 3, 2009

Has anyone here (women) got any experience with Advanced Laser Therapy to grow hair back? My hair is very thin and getting worse, had all medical checks and all is good. Have tried minoxodil in the past, no effect at all. I feel silly worrying about my hair but at the same time it's just not nice to see your skull is it?

Any tips on shampoos that focus on scalp health?

Or laser combs, does anyone use these?

And how often do you wash your hair? I have to wash it every day because it gets greasy that fast it's not funny. I hate it but if I walk around with greasy hair on day 2 showing even more skull I feel worse..pfff

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I thought someone would have something to say on the subject, I guess not.

If I were you, I'd find a very mild shampoo since you wash your hair every day.

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