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ohzmegeezJune 2, 2011

The painters name on the oil painting is W. Word

My dad believes the frame to be fairly old. It says Henche de Mexico on the back.

It also says on a piece of paper attached to the back:

"the orginal oil painting, tastefully framed, is from a collection represneting the works of artists from all parts of the world..."

this link is the painting I am talking about.

Any information regarding the painter or the frame or the possible worth would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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It's a copy of a thematic painting by a Hudson River School artists who worked in the 1840-1860 period. I don't know exactly who it's copying. but reminds me of Albert Bierstadt. This type of landscape appeals to me, and it is a very nice copy, but is in absolutely desperate need of a cleaning.

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The frame is made in Mexico....not likely to be a good frame or very old. Your picture shows very little detail, so it's not possible to say for sure, there may have been good quality frames imported from Mexico, but because of what it says it's not older than 1921.
To me it looks like a parody of a Bierstadt painting. Is it actually an oil painting or is it printed on canvas-like paper with a texture on the surface made to look like oil?
Can you show a close up of the signature and of the back of the frame? Is the actual picture on stretched canvas or on canvas board?
Linda C

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Hey! Thank you both for your replies!

The painting is on canvas and you can actually see the thickness of the different colours. It is on stretched canvas.

Here are some more pictures I took:

My dad was also wondering if you knew the best way to clean it.

Thanks! (:

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The frame says "Hecho en Mexico" (Made in Mexico). You can buy those frames in craft stores.

The picture is very typical of the "sofa art" that can be bought from various mall stores like "Off the Wall" ... great for room decor, but little artistic merit.

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And the frame is cheaply made not neatly cut and put together with staples instead of glue. I also don't think it's an oil but a print of an oil treated to look like it has texture from oil paints. If it were an original oil you would see that the brush strokes actually had a relation to what they were painting.
Sorry, I also believe it's not "art" but a decorator item.....and I wouldn't try to clean it. Only very old ...VERY old oils need cleaning with anything more than af eather duster.
Linda C

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The thing with the staples is the stretcher, not the frame. It has a stretcher because it's canvas.
Now, they do mount prints to canvas, and it's hard to tell one from another by online photos, but don't make a snap judgement based on the staples in the stretcher.

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This is what a canvas stretcher intended to be painted upon looks like

The picture with the staples shows a "stretcher" with a piece of canvas which has been printed with an image, which will them be "texturized" to make it look like an oil.
Linda C

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I do not know if it applies to these paintings, but periodically, starving artists events are held at various local hotels. It's usually advertised as nothing costing over X dollars. Another option is painting over prints with oils to make them look like originals. This is frequently done with Kincade pieces.

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Well, does anybody know who W. Word is? Even if it is a print, my dad is looking for more information regarding the artist.

Thanks for all the responses and information!

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