Stainless Steel Care

lzriderAugust 11, 2002

Before I became disabled, I was a Stainless Steel fabricater of restaurant and scool kitchen equiment. When I welded a joint or Stainless rod (grates), I would use a welder's metal brush to clean the weld. It really does the job since you need strong bristles to scrape off the debris and to give it a "wire polish" finish. You can get the brush at any welding supply (Home Depot, eg.) Also, to clean the hood and top surface of your grill. use scotch brite pads ( there are two - green and red ). You can also use one of those grill cleaner pads with the scotch brite pads mounted on a block of plastic with the handle on it. Be carefull when using scotch brite with your finger tips, as it leaves a pattern of your fingers. Go with the grain of the steel, and in the inside of the grill, use Orange Glow with the pad. Finish off with something called "Pumis" powder. You can use regular comet cleanser with an old dish towel. After that, you can use ant Stainless Steel polish on the hood and cabinet. As stated before, you only need the welder's wire brush in the grades. The other wire brushes in the home improvement stores are too soft to do the right job.

Good luck.........

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There's also a gray Scotch Brite, Gray is finer then the green or red...

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One thing I've used successfully to clean the grates is a coarse stainless steel pad (Chore Boy brand) with a little water. It won't make the grates shiny bright, but it easily gets any residue off. I wouldn't use this on the sheetmetal, since it would scratch it I'm sure.

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