Pink Depression Glass - would appreciate some help!

sverderaJune 9, 2011

I have recently acquired a very large collection of pink depression glass from my sister who has asked me to try to sell it for her. Unfortunately, knowing little about the glass, I have no idea how to go about this.

I have been doing some research and I stumbled onto this page. I decided to become a member in the hopes that someone might be able to steer me in the right direction. I have over 30 boxes of different manufacturers and patterns. I am in the process of taking pictures of each boxes contents and would like to NOT sell it on ebay. I have nothing against ebay but am concerned that if I list a piece incorrectly it would hurt my own rating or I may not get my sister the money she may have been able to make.

I also realize that selling the glass at a discount is probably the best way to do this but am in need of a honest and reliable service or source.

Could someone offer me any suggestions as to the appropriate type of place or person I could contact to try to have these items sold? I have contacted an auction and an antiques dealer, neither of which specialized in the glass. The auction will auction all the items but there is no minimum price, and I am worried about that.

I do apologize if this is not the correct place to post this but am novice and would appreciate any help!

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Check out the link below,t here is a "contact us" button....I'll bet someone will know who to contact in your area.
Good Luck!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: depression glass collectors

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Linda, Thank you very much!

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Good suggestion by Linda. You want to not only find out a good bottom line on sales price, but you'll find networking with people who collect a certain item takes you immediately to the folks who would be also be interested in buying it. Depression ware is a hot item in my locale, because so many of the producers were local and there are collectors here who wish to obtain factory specific pieces. It may not be this way in every vicinity.

Good luck to you. It would be amazing to see so much of that stuff all in one place!

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Calliope, thank you for the input. I'm beginning to think I may want to start getting some of these items appraised. Not knowing what they are worth definitely puts me at a disadvantage. I've been talking with someone on the NDGA website who sounds interested in buying the collection. I just have no idea how much these items are worth.

The site itself is a blessing. Filled with wonderful information. Linda C. was spot on directing me to it!

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