good handbag to carry to an interview?

bnitaeyreFebruary 20, 2011


What kind of handbag would you carry to an interview? I have an interview after few days and have decided on my dress and hair style, just could not decide the bag.

Please help me should i take a small money clutch bag or a big handbag?

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Hi bnitaeyre - I'm amazed at your preoccupation with handbags! Oh my - I did a search on your name, selecting "all forums", and nearly every post is a question of some sort about a handbag (it has a stain on it, what kind, what color, my Gucci, etc.). Interestingly, the only ones that aren't about a handbag are obviously spam. And you've only recently joined and posted all of these handbag questions. I'm suspect, and that's not my nature.

So what's the story with you and handbags, or you and spam? Will we start seeing links to a handbag site soon?

Taking a money clutch or big handbag to an interview is totally dependent upon the job you're hoping to land. (Not sure why I answered that).

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Not only that, Suzie, she lives in China where customs are totally different.

Take a small clutch and a small satchel that holds your resume.

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Ah, Ok. Hadn't noticed that. Most (not all) of the spam that I've seen on these forums originates from China. Yes, I suspect we'll see a post before too long about a great website she's found for handbags.

bnitaeyer, if I'm wrong and your many handbag posts are genuine and you do, in fact, have a fixation on handbags, I apologize. I don't care that much about handbags, but I know some people do and that's fine.

If you're a spammer - perhaps you could use your time better. But this isn't my board - it's up to you.

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