can't seem to find the...

hannahAugust 2, 2004

correct forum on which to ask this, so I'll try here.

I just bought a woven plastic picnic basket w/handles at my local pool place. It's about 12"x15" in size.

It was the last one they had...three shades of bright's so adorable that I want a couple more for gifts!

The label read Eurovicki, but after 4 days of searching the net...I can't find the company!

I know it comes in shades of torquoise as well as orange, but there nay be other colors as well.

Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about these?


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I've recently been doing some shopping (in New Jersey) in home and kitchen stores and kept my eyes open for your picnic basket and I asked a couple of people - but nobody knows what I was talking about! Sorry, Hannah.

I bet the store manager or department manager would know who the supplier is if you ask.

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Any chance this is similar to what you are looking for?

Picnic Baskets

Certainly is colourful.


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Oh, Wow, Ann!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd forgotten all about posting this question.
Guess I gave up ever finding one...but YOU have indeed found it!
Thank You a hundred times!
This is great! :)

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LOL! You're very welcome. I'm just glad that it was what you were looking for.


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