New Stainless Grill - Need Temp Help

chogan2322August 9, 2006

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a new stainless steel grill and love the look of it but after my 1st attempt at cooking burgers on it, I'm afraid I might have bought more grill than I can handle.

The grill has 4 12000BTU main burners which I cranked to high to preheat (like I did on my old baby grill). When I arrived to put the burgers on, the temp was over 900 degrees. At that point I immediately turned it down (afraid I would burn the neighborhood down). When it was at about 700 degrees, I put the burgers on and went inside to get the brots. By the time I returned (approx 2-3 minutes) the burgers were on fire (bigtime flame ups) and too crisp for my taste. This may be in part due to the fact that I bought ground chuck patties on special but I think my grilling technique (or lack therof) is mostly to blame. I flipped the burgers and they stuck to the grates (by the way, the grates were disfigured some lifted up and some down I guess due to the high heat but they went back after it cooled off).

The burgers were edible but I need some help with temperatures. I am wanting to cook some steaks tonight but afraid to ruin them also. My typical grilling style is to pre-heat, put the seasoned meat on, wait 1/2 cooking time, flip and finish cooking. During the waiting periods, I typically go inside and finish other items. Am I going to need to babysit this thing or can a temperature adjustment help me out?

I've always heard that grilling on high temp is best for juicy meat but there seems to be a million answers out there as to what temp is correct for burgers and steaks. What have you found to work?? Thanks for your help.

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I keep reading that flare ups has a lot to do with the type of grill and what it has over the burners. I bought a grill with an infrared zone that is supposed to get up to 1800 degrees. I haven't used it yet because we still have to build the island. So, I wouldn't think that the 700 degrees would have been too hot for burgers. At higher temps though, the cooking time obviously varies, so maybe you just waited too long to turn them? On my current cheap grill that I'm using, I pre-heat on the light setting, and then I cook on the same setting otherwise the grill won't sear the meat. I turn it down after both sides of the steak is seared, and then let it cook a little slower because of problems with flare ups. On burgers, I pre heat on the light setting, place the burgers on for a minute or so, and then reduce the heat to prevent flare ups as much as possible, and I usually check them often for flare ups(they always have several). I'm hoping my new grill will not flare up as often.

The disfigured grates has me a little concerned. The grill should have grates designed to withstand the temps it can reach. What kind of grill is this?

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