Grilled Veggies

JerryS_MOAugust 7, 2002

I have been enjoying loosing weight by eating a lot of grilled veggies. We have experimented with lots variations of spice blends from both Sams and cosco.

Click bellow for a snap of grilled veggies that became an ingredient for a great salad we had last night.

I quartered these mixed with some fresh ground cumin and lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and wine vinegar. I chilled for 2 hours and mixed thin sliced raw tomatoes and cucumbers. Served with a spoon full of yogurt.

I would like to here about grilling veggies adventures!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grilled Veggies

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My wife & I also love grilled veggies. We purchased a grill WOK (essentially WOK with holes in it). It makes it easy to grill the veggies. However, it does not produce the delicious looking veggies in your photo. I need to try cutting them thicker and putting them directyl on the grates. Do you usually cook them on high heat or let them cook longer at lower temps?

Your recipe sounds great...I'll try that later today!

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I have tried the wok deal and with the heat from my grill, the effect was more of a steamed vegetable. I have two of the flat grill sheets (with the holes in them) and set the two open ends together on the grill. This made a large area to toss about our veggies.

I marinate the vegetables in a olive oil, balsamic, lemon zesty coating. Shake anybodies steak seasoning with a good amout of salt content will get your vegetables starting to wilt. We found a sale on tongs and bought a few of them so we handle the food with them (just like Emeril).

For a tasty variation pick up a bag of the Spring Mix salad mix at Sams and treat it as above then thow it on the grill till it wilts.........awsome!

I got tired of cleaning the sheets so lately I have been slicing thick and sometimes long ways (zucs and eggplant) brush with oil and shake some spice on them and go with a medium heat.

One more thing to make sure that no one talks to you on monday is to cut the bottom off a whole garlic brush with oil and just set on the grill bottom down.

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Zuchini cut into large cunks can be easly grilled without anything but your typical cooking grates... I use my own mixture of Chili powder, ground cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, and a little seasoning salt... I use it on anything that goes on the grill...

Corn on the cob... try basting it with BBQ sauce and basicly cooking it till it's burnt a little... this is the way the cook it in Taiwan where my wife is from. THe first time I saw her cook and eat corn like this I thought she was crazy... Now, it's my favorite way to eat corn on the cob.

Grill all veggies in big chunks, screw those "wok" type things, I've had horrible problems with those things, and feel they are more of a pain then they are worth... Heck use wooden skewers if your veggie chunks are so small they may fall through the cracks... anything but those metal plates with holes they sell to cook veggies on...

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