Happy with Kohler Memoirs Stately toilet so far

whiteycatJanuary 2, 2014

I was on this forum about a month ago looking for opinions on Kohler toilets vs. Toto toilets. Well, we decided to go ahead with a Kohler Memoirs Stately toilet for the guest bathroom, mainly because of how nice it looks. We ordered the 1.6 gpf comfort height elongated in bisque. We ordered through efaucets online so we could get it fast and installed by our plumber just before Christmas.

We love the looks of the toilet! It almost looks like a throne since the base is almost a square! We live in a state that still allows a 1.6 gpf so we wanted that type. This toilet has what Kohler calls a Class Five flush. It seems to be working fine. But has only been "really tested" once or twice so far, if ya know what I mean. The flush is very fast, very short and has a loud gurgle at the end. Just fine!

We also ordered the soft close seat for it. (something with the word Glen in it ?) Looks good on this toilet. I love the comfort height toilets, but this seat adds about almost an inch to the height and actually it is a tad high for me. I am 5' 4" with short legs, so I just make sure the wool area rug is under my feet, and that works for me. So far, we are very happy with this toilet and how it flushes.

I ordered from efaucets because we were in a time crunch and that is the only major online source that was able to deliver the toilet in less than a week or 10 days. I ordered it on a Saturday, and it left their warehouse Monday afternoon. We received it on Wednesday morning! Only 2 days to get it. I was under the impression from their website that it would be delivered via a local truck so that we would be able to inspect it. But it was delivered via UPS and when he left it on our driveway, he did not ring our doorbell. We had no idea it had been delivered until later that day! So we did not have a chance to inspect it while he was there.

But luckily it was fine and our plumber installed it with no problems. He is a "Kohler" man. He loves this toilet. As opposed to the being a "Toto" guy. :)

I am still debating between a Toto Drake 1.6 vs the Kohler Cimmaron 1.6 for our master bath. Oh, and after my research, it seems the only Class Six flush Kohler is the Cimmaron. (might only be on the 1.28. I can't remember now.) No other styles have it. It is the same as the Class Five but has more rim holes that clean the bowl more efficiently. At least, that is my impression from what I read.

If you have any questions about our new toilet or efaucets, please let me know.

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We have the same Kohler and love it as well. I had a Toto Drake in my old house and while it rarely clogged, it was a total PITA to plunge when it did. I prefer the Kohler's for that reason (and the fact they are cheaper than the Toto!)

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Just following up to say we still like the new Kohler Memoirs toilet we installed in December. It has plugged up only one time. If we hold the handle down longer, more water flushes through so we are now doing that when necessary. ah hem.
I had read that some people said this flush, Class Five ( I am pretty sure), did not clean the bowl well. We had no problems at all with that. IIt looks as clean as the day it was installed.
We are more pleased that we expected to be. Just want to post this follow up since it might help someone decide.
I am now leaning toward getting the Kohler Cimmaron toilet for our master and upstairs bathrooms. I think it has a Class Six flush and should clean the bowl even better.

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We have the Memoirs in 2 downstairs baths and the Cimmaron in 2 upstairs baths -- happy with all of them.

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Whiteycat, it is a nice looking toilet! I installed a Memoirs during my bathroom remodel about five years ago, because I saw it in the showroom and loved the look. I still love it and have had no problems with it.

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Just pulled this up searching for memoirs. I am happy to see the nice comments. ( I did order one for our powder room along with the pedestal sink pretty much based on looks alone and also remembering vaguely that it had good comments.) Relieved as both pieces are sitting in boxes in my garage and will be installed within the next few days.

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How are these Memoirs toilets working--
ready to do a master remodel and we really like the look of that toilet--going for mroe tradition bathroom effect
have hard time finding Toto dealers in our area of FL--
and Toto has fewer traditional styles

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