Jenny_ILFebruary 4, 2003

What kind do you use? I was using Loreal Translucide Sheer blush in Petal Glow for a while, then I went on a hunt for something more. I've bought 5 blushes (or is it blushers??)in the last 2 weeks. I seem to go though fazes where I focus on one product for a while, well this month it appears to be blush. So far I've bought....

Maybelline Cool Effect Blush in Frozen Daiquiri. Its the one in the nail polish look alike bottle. It is okay but maybe a little too shimmery for me and I really dont like the way it smells.

Revlon Sleek Cheeks Creme Blush Duo in Pink Light, this one was pretty nice and went on smooth and I really like the "highlighter" color.

Almay One Coat 3 in One Color stick in Petal, This one I HATED, it did not blend well no matter what I did and the only use I could come up with it would not be for my lips cheeks or eyes but only for some type of war paint pencil to draw pink lines all over my face.

Loreal Blush Delice in both Raspberry Sorbet and Strawberry Tart. I really like these and it looks good when they are lightly layered together and I like the brush that comes with them. They give me a nice sheer color, but still not what exactly what I'm looking for. Anyone else try this one and notice it smelling fruity? Or is it just me?

Just wondering what everyone else uses and would recommend I just wants a pink fresh look, my skin is pretty pale with no color tone to my cheeks. Honestly I really like the way my cheeks looks after I've been outside in the Chicago cold for a little bit, they seem to get a nice pink flush to them. I wish I could bottle and sell that!

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He he, I'm in eye shadows kick right now. My blushers (or blushes) are not as many as eye shadows. Here are what I have:

- Revlon Swirl Blush in Frost (from Bonds collection). I really like the big round container. This is a bit light for me, I've been looking for Jinx and hopefully I'll find one tomorrow.

- Revlon Skinlight Color Lighting for Eyes and Cheeks (cream) in Rosey. This is great, last all day.

- Loreal Blush Delice Raspberry Sorbet. Cute packaging, very pretty color with fruity scent. I'm interested in the Ginger Snap too.

- Loreal gel blush in Pinch of Cheeks, bit light for me. This is great, a little goes a long way and last all day.

- Jane blushes in Blushing Blossom, Glow, Wine, Petal. They're highly pigmented. Blossom is nice pink.

- Maybelline Brush Blush in Midnight Mauve from Gloss City collection. I love this.

If you still can find Revlon Swirl Blush, grab it. On my wish list are Loreal Feel Naturale Charmed Peach or Mauvelous and Neutrogena Fresh Peach (pinky peach).

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I couldn't even start to name all my new eyeshadows! I love eye shadows and always seem to be on the look out for them.

I forgot about the Revlon Swirl, I bought awhile ago. I have that one too in Frost and I agree it is pretty light.
I almost bought the Loreal Pinch of Cheeks, with things like this I should ususally just smarten up, I know I will buy it so I might as well just give in!

Glad to know that the Loreal Delice smelled fruity to you too Kris! I asked my boyfriend if he thought it smelled fruity and he just gave me a stupid look! I will be looking for some of the ones you mentioned, I'm sure I'll be buying a lot of blushes, I'm so weak!!

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LOL, I always said my DH can't smell anything. Darn husband never compliments my perfumes unless it's a strong heavy one, then he'd say, "OMG, what perfume is that?". Thank goodness this only happened when I tested perfumes from the store.

If you want to splurge, check out Nars blushes. I hate the names (Orgasm, Deep Throat). Orgasm will be great for pale skin.

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I use Estee Lauder "Blush All Day" in Plum (I think it's actually called "23 Plum").

I use that plum color on my eyelids, too (I don't wear eyeshadow). It makes a more uniform look. Also I use Estee's plum lip stick, I forget the name of the lipstick but it is a plum color. It's a very pinky plum so I don't look like someone punched me out.

I tried the brown/taupe thing once but it washed me out.

- darkeyedgirl

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Hi Jenny

You guys could tell us a few things about blush (blushERs in the UK!!) - what a collection, I'm really impressed!!

I have the Nars blush in Orgasm...I agree with Kris that the names are awful, and asking for them in the store is really not funny, but it's worth it, esp for the Orgasm colour which is very versatile and has some lovely understated gold flecks which are lovely.

I also have a darker one by Bobbi Brown, i think it's called Sandstone. That goes well when I'm tan or have a bronzer on my skin. BB blushes are also a bit more matte than others and look more understated if you don't want too much colour.

My favourite one though, is one which I just bought this week. It is Lancome, from their new colour range. It is a creme blush, the colour is Summertime and I have to say that a creme blush is much more natural and also lasts longer than any powder blush I have tried.

I used to use Benetint on my cheeks, but you have to be so quick in blending etc and applying it is a skill, that I got a bit fed up that there was no way you can easily alter the colour or depth of the blush as easily as you can with other kinds of blush.

So, I would say for a powder blush, Nars are the best, but do check out the Lancome creme blush bcos it's the best one I've ever tried!!


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I will for sure try the Nars blush and the Lancome creme!

The other day I bought the Loreal Pinch of color, is that the one you were talking about Kris? I thought it was called Pinch of Cheeks too, maybe I've confused it with something else. It also comes in a nail polish looking bottle. I really like this one! I also like it on my lips as well it give them a natural boost of color

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Sorry Jenny, I got the name wrong. It's Loreal Translucide Luminous Gel Blush Just Pinched. It's in the tube. I think they discontinued this shade. What I like about gel or cream is it last all day. I like to use this under the powder blush.

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I've worn Neutrogena Blush in Sweet Raisin for about 3 years; it's so natural, I just hope they don't quit making it.

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I am all for creme blushes: they were popular way too many years ago, and I loved the ones that Clinique had about 5 years ago, which were discontinued for powder. I have been using Lancome creme blushes the past several years; I am in my mid 50's and they are great for dry skin.

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Just recently got a new blush from Revlon & I love it. It's called "Naturally Glamorous" and I got it free with a Colorstay Foundation purchase. I'm sorry I can't think of the color name, but it's a nice rosey tone that is perfect on my *extremely* fair something?
This blush is the nicest texture and has a great brush. It goes on sheer & smooth, no blotches or streaks. Very fine powdery texture...not granular like cheaper powder blushes.
It has real staying power, too...even on my oily make-up absorbing face. You can tell by the texture that this blush won't crack & break when you are only half-way thru the compact like always happens with Maybelline. BTW, the compact is larger with a decent-sized mirror.


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