Weber Genesis Gold B or C or Ducane?

JohnZAugust 14, 2002

Anyone own the weber gold b or c? Am interested in this grill. Want a grill that is going to last a very long time and is good for rotis food. Are the Ducanes worth the money or is weber just a good a grill? Thanks all for the help.

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If you have not done so already go and read my opion on the entry level/portable Ducane grill known as "Take it or leave it". In short my experiance with a Ducane grill is not good.

You should also look at the topics about Virco grills and Members Mark grills.

I recently purchased a "Great Outdoors" grill that I found to be an exceptional value at Menard's right now. However you'd have to buy the Rotiserie seperately if you went this route...

I've eyed the Weber Genisis Gold grills for along time. I've also looked at many other grills over the past 4 years, and I beleive there are many other grills that are much better value then the Weber and Ducane grills.

One advantage Weber has... you can get replacment parts quite easly, at a reasonably fair price. If you've ever looked at prices for Ducane parts, you will know they are not cheap, or what I'd call fair even.

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As I have not tied the Ducane, I cannot comment on that grill, however as I have indicated in my post Âthe Weber comparison and temperature values (use the search feature in this forum and type in the keyword ÂWeber to find the Weber posts.) I am very happy with my Weber performance and convenience. Since that post, I have had the opportunity to more extensively use the rotisserie. Although, I was not excited about the additional $89 I paid at Lowes for this half basket style Weber rotisserie that is will suited to roast, whole or part chickens or rack of rib, I have to admit that this unit is worth every penny. This style rotisserie uses clamps to hold the food in place, so you donÂt have to tie up your chickens and can handle odd shaped foods. The only thing you canÂt cook using this style rotisserie is something the size of a large whole turkey, for that you would need WeberÂs standard skewer style rotisserie that sells for $69.00 at Home depot. All The food I have cooked using the rotisserie have come out absolutely perfect. I canÂt image another unit working better for rotisserie cooking. I believe that part of the reason that the grill works so well is that the burners are running horizontally rather that vertically, as in most other or all other gas grills. Turning the outer burners to medium and the center burner to off and you can used the entire center section of the grill to rotisserie. The rotisserie cooks fast, a single chicken takes about an hour and 10 and two chickens take just slightly longer. I am finding that I am using the rotisserie more that I ever thought that I would.

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TMFU - I don't quite get what your objective is. Is it to personally take a stand against Ducane because you purchased a $200 unit. Well, you got your monies worth in my opinion. You wanted cheap, you purchased cheap, you got cheap. I still have not been able to buy into this concept that if you spend as little as possible you're entitled to as much as you want. Wrong Answer! Your personal and sad attempt at diminishing the Ducane name is wrong. I may be mistaken, perhaps spending your entire paycheck on a grill was a huge personal financial setback. Face the facts and remember $50 for an inflatable rowboat will not buy you the Queen Mary.

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Alright Ciscoman, that is what grilling is all about IMO, having fun and cooking in ways you never imagined you would have enjoyed so much!

Just curious how much did your whole setup cost (basket rotisserie, weber Grill -model?)


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Delray, I got a special employee discount of 20% on a sale price of $499 for the Weber Silver C. With the discount the total sale price was $399 plus $89 for the rotisserie making a grand total of $488 not including sales tax. I also purchased some cast iron grates for $44 at home depot. Even though I believe the cast iron grates are probably better for certain dishes, I still like to use the porcelan grates that came with my grill most of the time due to how easy they are to clean and maintain.

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Just so you understand, Ducane is the Cadillac of Weber grills. The Ducane is a weber and many of the parts are interchangeable. I personally have the Ducane Meridian 832" of cooking space and the rotisserie. The only thing it did not have, that you can purchase for $19.95 at Home Depot, is the light. The light is a Weber light that attaches to the handle and uses mercury switches to turn on and off when you open and close the grill lid.
Hope this helps.

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I would never buy another Weber!!! They R based in Palatine Il. so they R 10 minutes from me. I have had one for 11 years and have replaced every thing in it at least twice. This started the first year I had it! The guy at the counter knows me by my first name. I take it apart and clean it and then run back to Weber to purchase what ever I think is wrong and still had to call a grill service to get it to work. They tell me that they have never seen such a clean grill. I am never here when they service it so I have no idea what goes wrong. I am buying a new one this year and it will not be a Weber. I used the rotiss. 3 times and the motor froze, burning a leg of lamb and I had to go to KFC to feed the people. I was not happy! As far as the Ducane goes, I have been invited for ribs and the thing won't work and Jeff and I end up doing the things in the house in the double ovens. That would not be me choice either.

There was another post here about a rotiss. for Charmglow. If you bought it at Lowes of any other store it is not the Charmglow from the past. The old Co. is now call MHP Products. Modern Home Products. I grew up in Antioch IL. where Charmglow was made and all people had them. When I was young I did the wife's hair. The Davis grill that is still up and running, on the MHP web site, after all of the years, I have eaten many great meals there as I went to grade school with all of their kids.

I have no idea as to the age group here but anyone old enough to remember the Electrolux vacuum man ringing your door you might remember the name. The Electrlolux you see at Sears and Lowes is nothing more that a Eureka Vac rebadgged with the Lux name. The new Co. is called Aerus. That is the same with Charmglow, the just sold the name and use a new one. There is a change it price when you buy at the chain stores as to the Aerus sales person. Think $400 to $2,000. I sold Lux when I was just out of high school for a summer job and the top of the line was $239.75. Lux had their own finance Co. so it was just $15 a month. LOL

I know this went off track but I am having broadband problems and just wanted to reply 2 the 2 questions on
this forum.

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I've had my Ducane almost a year now and am thinking of bringing it back to the Home Depot before the one year mark! Basically it doesn't get warm enough to sear, which is a problem that someone else in the string experienced. I used to own a Weber (a divorce casualty) which was head and shoulders above the Ducane. One of the reasons I bought it was the fact that Weber owns Ducane. What a mistake that was! It's going back and I'm getting a Genesis!

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