sharpen cosmetic pencils.. how?

vieja_gwFebruary 26, 2012

I get so frustrated trying to sharpen one of those eyebrow or lipliner pencils when they get dull! I have tried the cheap little hand held sharpeners & also the regular electric pencil sharpener but wind up grinding away the pencil as it doesn't sharpen nicely all around like a regular lead opencil would & the inside material just breaks away. Is the material made of something different or how can I get a nice sharp point again without grinding the whole pencil away?! Any one else have this problem?

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I have ground pencils down trying to get that fine point i think i press too hard, try to press lees hard in sharpener? maybe call the manufacturer and ask customer srevice!

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I am confused. If you are trying to sharpen cosmetic pencils using a regular pencil sharpener (that you would use for a lead writing pencil) you will not have much success. You need to use a cosmetic pencil sharpener (couldn't tell from your post exactly the type of sharpener you are trying to use). Some lip/eye pencils come with a sharpener in the box - or you can buy them. I have never had a problem as long as I used the correct type of sharpener. Once I did try and use a regular lead pencil sharpener and the results were pretty much as you posted. And I do have to sharpen my lip pencil every 3rd use or so - but I also fill in my lips with it prior to applying lipstick so it takes away some of the point. I do buy high quality lip pencils which helps - besides since I have colour issues I can't find one that is reasonably priced.

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eccentric: No, I am using the hand held ones for the lip/eyebrow pencils. I try carefully but just as soon as I get a somewhat good point it breaks off. I have (carefully!) used the elctric lead pencil sharpener & some times I do get a short point but by then I have shaved off most of the pencil getting to this!

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Good! You would be appalled at the number of women I know who try and use "regular" pencil sharpeners. I admit though that as the pencil gets shorter it does make it harder to sharpen - point does not last long - or breaks - and the colour itself seems softer squish. Due to my acidic body chemistry, just about everything changes on me. My best lip pencil was d/c and was not replaced with anything that did not turn hot pink/orange on me - and I don't suit either colour. So the search began - I ended up buying a Chantecaille - I have issues with botanicals but could just manage this - colour worked with my one and only - now d/c lipstick - but it was dry and I did have problems sharpening it - and it was not cheap - almost the same price as the late, lamented Sisley pencil (good thing I only use one shade - actually saves money because I do use all of it). I found a Borghese limited edition pencil when in the U.S. - I bought 6 - although I hated to do it - they came with pencils - worked quite well - am now down to 2 of them - so the search is on. Unfortunately, so many products are now being made "cheaper" regardless of the price. The lipstick search continues - and I have been looking for 6 years to replace my current l/s, knowing the day would come - and am still looking (have 2 backsups which I don't like to do since they dry out). And, yes, it was also a Sisley. Can't use the skin creams - thankfully, but the lipliner and lipstick were great. Hope you have better luck. Of course my foundation has now been reformulated to the point where I can't use it - so 2 backups of that as well - and the search has been on for 2 years because I was worried. My husband thinks I am wrong when I tell him how many makeup products other people have - in multiple colours.

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1) put pencils in the fridge, let the wax harden. - pencils kept in the heat and steam of the bathroom will have swollen wood which catches and 'checks' and soft wax, easy to break.

2) use a decent quality sharpener - a 'pencil' sharpener will work, but use the $2 one from the art store, or the $12 ones from the beauty store, your choice

for really fine linework? I use a liner brush :)

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Also, you need to replace the sharpener fairly often as they dull easily.

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