Anybody use Facial Flex?

Dotty9February 14, 2004

Does anyone use Facial Flex,as seen on QVC? I've often heard that doing any type of facial exercises could actually make your face worse; sagging,ect...But,they claim that this particular exercise,using the Facial Flex system REALLY works. I'm a bit skeptical,and was wondering if anyone ever used this,and if it works,OR doesn't. People that have called in with testimonials swear by this.

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Dotty, the idea behind facial muscle building intrigues me. I don't see why it wouldn't work. Much of the sagging you see as your face ages is in the muscle and fat underneath the skin, as well as gravity pulling the skin itself downwards.

Just as folks who are into fitness have more firm, youthful-looking bodies, why not the face?

I may look into it. I'd much rather try that than get plastic surgery, which is scary and expensive. Although I'm not ruling it out - ask me in another 5 years or so!

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