bare minerals

vannieFebruary 15, 2007

Is there anyone here that didn't like BM? I'm beginning to think there's something weird about me.

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I haven't tried BM, just too darn expensive for me, I did post recently about other mmu's though. What is it about BM that you don't like?

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BE foundation is not my favorite. I think their foundation shades are rather limited compared to many other mineral makeup companies. There really isn't anything for "cool" toned women. I did not have any problems with the Bismuth at all. I do however use many of the eyeshadows/liners/mineral veil, etc. The other companies that I do business with have better prices.

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I didn't think it covered my under eye lines as well as Al may. I thought it accentuated the lines under my eyes.

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I have lots of friends who look wonderful in Bare Minerals. It seems to give them a radiant healty glow. I, on the other hand don't like it. I gave mine to a neighbor and she was happy to get it. On me, pores looked huge and wrinkles and lines were exaggerated. I didn't like the coverage and my face burned. Of course, the colors didn't work for me either. Bare Minerals seems a bit overpriced to me, also. I tried many mineral foundation samples from the internet and most didn't do much for me but were better than BM. I did find a great one though. I love the new Merle Norman mineral makeup. It looks good on me. FINALLY!!! We're all definately not the same, and different products seem to work for different people.

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My Bare Minerals went into the trash. They fail to tell you that dry mineral makeup doesn't look good on skin older than 30. If you have any lines, it just makes them look deeper. I absolutely hated on me.

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