Antique Ewer - Mount Washington Glass

kim0918June 6, 2013

I have a decorative ewer I purchased a few years ago. A friend told me that it could be a Mount Washington Glass item. I have tried to identify it, but have not had any luck. I have attached photos and would really appreciate help in determining if it is a Mount Washington Glass item. The only marking is a 101 stamped into metal on the bottom, but no other markings.

The ewer has a metal base and metal spout. This is not a functional ewer, it is hollow inside, has an open bottom with a metal rod through it. The spout is closed off and does not hold liquid. The middle section is made of a cream colored thick, smokey glass. The handpainted design is in gold and browns. One side has a painted butterfly with plant stems, the other side has just the plant stems.

Does anyone happen to know if this is a Mount Washington Glass piece?

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It's actually part of a lamp. Search for Victorian ewer lamp. Here is one that's similar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ewer

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Thank you for responding. I looked at your link and there is no hole through in the ewer spout on mine where a lamp post could go, so it's not a lamp.

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Here is a picture of the bottom with 101 stamped into the metal.

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In that case, it's just a Ewer. They are from the pre-electricity era, or at least before electric lighting was common.

They were often hand-painted by amateurs. You could get the glass or porcelain blanks and the mountings from various manufacturers.

Did Mt. Washington ever sell decorative ewers? Or blanks? The base looks like it was made to be used as a decorative mount, not drilled out later.

Many of them were drilled out to be wired for electricity later.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just a Ewer

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I'd take a stab at dating this from the thirties. I have two sitting on a bureau upstairs, given to my MIL for her wedding in 1935. Different pattern, but quite similar.

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