GE Monogram cooktop

elapie1879January 26, 2014

My GE Monogram cooktop is new and looks great in my new kitchen the only problem is I'm having a hard time cleaning the cooktop. The black part under the grates. It is stained and I have used a sponge with soap and water. I've used bar keepers friend and bought a degreaser (weiman) and still I cannot get it cleaned. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? What can I use to clean it so it is shiny again? I've only had it since December 2013. I attached a photo of what I'm talking about.


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I can't see any stains, just a greasy film. Have you tried a microfiber cloth? I love them for general cleaning or even our stainless steel cook top. They take away grease like an eraser removes pencil - amazing.


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You might try a 1:1 mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. That's what I use to eliminate streaking in the same area. Also works great on mirrors.

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I have a Dacor black cook top and clean up is a breeze
remove the grates and lift off the burner caps
I wipe the spilled food and grease off with my wet dish cloth and it looks just like your picture.
Next is the magic... I wet a microfiber cloth with water and go over the top again. Then I take a dry microfiber cloth over it again and it shines like it is in the show room. That is it
I use Norwex cloths but any soft microfiber cloth will do. The reason I use the dish cloth first is to avoid gunking up my microfiber cloth on big messes and having to wash it frequently, you see Microfiber cloths need to laundered on their own or with other items that do not produce lint and I hate to run the washer for one or two cloths.
Happy cleaning

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Folks, I think those pans are scratched. Probably from the bar keepers friend.

elapie- I know your top is only a few months old, but remember - it's a tool. They only look brand new the day you take them out of the package. It's all downhill from there.

Just enjoy it.

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