Persian Decanter

capot1948June 2, 2013

Found this at an antique store in Burnet, Texas. The lady there said it was from Persia and had gotten it from a man who obtained it while he was stationed there. I also have another much larger decanter and four glasses that have the exact same pattern. I've tried to identify these but have had no luck so far can anyone here assist?


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I don't know about decanters, but you table cover is wonderful.

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Thanks, I believe my wife bought those at an antique store in Brenham, Tx.

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Here's the other decanter and 4 glasses that are apparently part of the set. If the photo isn't very good I'll take them out and shoot by themselves.

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I am wondering about the "Persian" part. Iran is what is left of the former Persia. Iran is a Muslim nation and as I understand, devout Muslims do not imbibe in alcoholic beverages. Could this decanter have had uses other than serving wine, etc.? Maybe it was created for export and trade.

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That's what we were wondering also. I can find no marks at all anywhere on the pieces. They could very well have been made for export.

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From what I know, wine was an inherent part of Persian culture for many centuries. The current administration's crackdown on alcohol is a relatively recent phenomenon. It probably depends on when the original owner was posted in Iran.

I knew a couple who worked in Afghanistan way before the Taliban period. Among various exotic stuff, they brought home a wine set - a pitcher and glasses made of bright blue glass with gold trim.

Here is a link that might be useful: NY Times: Wine tradition in Iran

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Thanks for the link, that was an excellent article. I wish I had an idea what time period these were made however there are no marks on them at all. They are pretty though as the top portion and the scrolls are silver. The scrolls actually stand out from the glass.

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