Looking for a grill.

aca12August 27, 2002

I have been looking at gas grills. I have seen eliminated it to the DCS, Viking, or a Solaire. Any thoughts on these grills? My wife likes the Viking over the DCS. She hasn't seen the Solaire yet. the infered burners in the Solaire are unique.

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I have a Viking Gas Range and a DCS Gas GRill. Both perform extremely well. BUT............. I would be concerned about their warranties.

Now I am not familar with the warranty on the Viking Gas Grill, but I can tell you that I am not impressed with their warranty on their gas ranges. I recently had a problem with the oven where both igniters and both burners had to be replaced. My range is not quite two years old. The igniters had a one year warranty and the burners have a 5 year warranty but not on labour. It cost me $300.00 for repairs. I have written to the company concerning this as I believe that it can't be a normal occurence for all 4 of these parts to breakdown at the same time and within 2 years of purchase. The initial response was basically how unfortunate it was that I was experiencing these problems.

On the other hand,DCS has been very helpful when I called them. I had a problem with the grids on my DCS Grill rusting out within the first year and they replaced them immediately. The same thing happened again and they replaced the grids, this time with the new stainless steel grids. Also recently I noticed a crack in the frame that holds the ceramic bars. I called them and they immediately sent out replacements. My DCS Grill is over 4 years old.

I use my Grill alot, from direct grilling to indirect roasting of ribs and whole chickens as well as using the infrared rotissiere and I am never dissapointed. I cooked whole meals on the grill this summer when it was just too hot to turn on the inside oven. I even baked Yorkshire Puddings as well as blueberry muffins over indirect heat. With just one side lite the temperature in the grill will get up over 600°F.

Here is a link that might provide you with some more information to help you make your decision. It was provide to me by another member here, bbqjones.

Here is a link that might be useful: gas grills

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There are some real neat hi-end units including infrared (see bottom) and Kalamazoo with its unique burners and control knobs machined from a solid ingot of stainless steel (and they look cool!) (see allgrills.com or google search).

There is an interesting buying guide here:

Maytag has even got into the act with...

Others to consider...

Here is a link that might be useful: reviews of reviews

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We have a Kalamazoo grill and have had nothing but problems with it. There are new owners who hopefully will be able to work out the reliability issues, but for now, I would never recommend a Kalamazoo Grill.

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Have you considered a Traeger Grill. It is not gas, but it the easiest to use and the food is great. I was not sold on spending that kind of money for a grill since we didn't grill that often. Since purchasing the Traeger, we grill all the time. In fact, we bought out daughter one for a gift and they also use it quit a bit. The grill uses pellets. You can smoke or grill on it. We use a remote timer that lets us know when the food is done if we can't be outside all the time.

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When it comes to warranty .. most manufacturers are pretty good and want to take care of there customer. I know Napoleon takes great care and walk you through fixing any problem even if it's not under warranty .. and if you do have a problem they usually send gifts (like cookbook or something) for your headache ... they also have infra red and arn't as expensive as solaire ... but I would consider Solaire a little higher quality ...you can see them both at azgrills

Here is a link that might be useful: Napoleon or Solaire

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I own a coleman 2 burner gas grill and its the best ive ever had and i have a dealer 2 miles from home who is very good to deal with when it comes to repairs. its a cheapie but its exceptional and never lets me down.

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Sorry, no thoughts on the brands mentioned in the OP. I am having my new Vidalia grill (model 628) delivered to me tomorrow, though, and I'm very excited about it. I've been a charcoal purist forever (we have a built-in gas grill that came with our house, and in 5 years it's only been used to boil water for coffee when the power goes out after a hurricane). The Vidalia uses gas, but also allows you to use charcoal and/or wood for some/all of the cooking. I've researched extensively, and I'm convinced that I'm getting the best one for me. May be worth taking a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: vidalia grill site

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I have a DCS grill, and I love it. It cooks really well and I haven't had any problems with rusting, so thankfully I haven't had to deal with the warranty yet. @Ann T, it's good to hear that the DCS warranty is good :-) Helpful customer service is always a plus

Here is a link that might be useful: DCS Grill Review

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Just bought my Weber grill 2 weeks ago, and it's working wonders! here's where I bought mine for two a penny (yes, I got it online) they delivered the grill right on my doorstep, I'm not sure though if they ship outside the UK. the price and quality is awesome so it's pretty cheap if you ask me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barbecues

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