Help Identifying China Cabinet

Wendy1127June 5, 2012

I have a China Cabinet I want to sell but I don't know anything about it to try to price or describe. Can anyone tell me approximate age or period of this piece from my photos? The legs/feet are very distinctive so I have some close-ups of those and the bottom. There are no markings on the back or bottom to identify it.

Here is a link that might be useful: China Cabinet

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Fori is not pleased

Art deco-ish? 1930s-40s? Those feet are something else! You could store your bathtub gin in them maybe! Do they look like they're original?

I like it!

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Yes - I think they are probably original. I can't really see anything underneath that makes them look like an add on later.
So - not really an antique then (if less than 100 yrs) - but certainly a collector for the right person? :-)
Thanks fori!

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Looks earlier than 1930's to me....but no way are those feet original to the piece. Can't figure out why they were added though..
Oak...neuveau-ish...1910 to 1925.
Linda C

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The feet are hideous but I agree with Wendy in that the underneath photo doesn't seem to show anything suggesting they were not original. If they are not the original feet, there must have been some other feet in place as the centre panel has a curved end which extends lower than the body of the cabinet, and under either door are decorative bits which also extend below the body of the cabinet.

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The feet look like that because they aren't feet. It's the upper piece of a 2 piece Belgium sideboard. Every large antiques warehouse in Vancouver brings over containers of furniture like this. Probably 30's - 40's revival piece.

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I think mfrog is right.

It looks like the more restrained Art Deco English pieces I have seen. But if you imagine the "feet" as support pillars and place that thing on a slightly wider bottom buffet it makes sense.

It's say mid 1920s-1930s

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Makes perfect sense....not sure it's necessarily Belgian though.....and I still think it's earlier than Deco.

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Love all the comments - very helpful! Thank you all! Any one have an opinion on it's worth? i.e. where I would start pricing it on a Craig's List for example?

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Where'd you get it? Any idea what happened to the bottom? That sure would enhance it's value.

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I think I bought it about 20 years ago at a small antique store that's no longer around. Can't remember what I paid for it - maybe a few hundred? Don't have the bottom. Maybe it's not realy worth that much?

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