1970's Blue Bathroom

missy1980January 4, 2010

I'm in the process of updating my 1970's bath. Thus far, I've taken down the wallpaper & painted the walls a shade darker than BM Gray Cloud (which is a cool gray shade that has no yellow added that would give it a "beige" look). The counter is a medium sky blue with light sky blue sinks, as are the toilet & bath tile. I plan to paint the vanity white & update the hardware. I also plan to install large porcelain tiles on the counter "similar" to Carrara Marble. My question is, Is there a way to keep the light blue sinks & "not" have a dated look? Is there a countertop color that will look nice with the light blue sinks? To me, it's the medium blue countertop that's so hideous. OR, should I take the sinks out and install white ones to blend with the new tile counter?

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First, it would be best if you could post a picture. That would make it easier for everyone to visualize, and I'm sure you could get all sorts of great ideas.

What color is the bathtub? It doesn't cost too much to replace two sinks and a toilet, but replacing a tub and tile is pricey. I know some people have reglazed a colored bathtub, but I have read mixed opinions regarding how well that works. If the tub is white, I would replace the toilet and sinks for white.

It sounds like you are after an elegant look, with a white vanity and Carrara-look tile. I can't see how that will work with blue sinks. Blue sinks would work if you were after a country or maybe French provincial look.

Also, what does the floor look like?

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I am replacing a 1970s bathroom which has dark blue sink, toilet and tub. It is going to be white and I can't wait. But, I hate the dark blue, especially the sink since it shows everything, particularly toothpaste. The bathroom is used by my 3 kids. If your blue sink shows everything, I would change it (and other fixtures).

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White sinks only cost $40. Trash the blue.

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I think it would be hard to go for the look you want if you keep the blue sink. When bec3 mentioned the blue sink showing everything especially toothpaste, I had a flashback to the bathroom sink that I grew up with. Yes, it was blue and the house was built in the 70's.

Usually the decorating around the blue issue comes in with the toilet. I know several people with husbands that insist they keep the old toilets that were put in before the water restrictions were changed on toilets. It is the "you can't get them like that anymore" thinking :)

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collins design

I agree with weedy and minac. I think that even the cheapest new white sinks (and toilet, if that's blue too) will look much better than keeping the old. Seems a shame to spend time and money updating everything else but keeping the blue.

(Unless you really love them of course!)

Again- a photo would surely help. Maybe it's an exquisite shade of blue we're not envisioning?!

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I had two blue bathrooms, with Blue Sinks, counters, floors, tub/shower,and walls. The only thing not blue was the cabinet, and the doors/frames. I started with replacing the floors, and toilets - White. Within the next year I was able to replace the countertop(with Granite) and sink. I still had the blue tub and shower. Well this October, I was able to do Bathfitters for the tub. Yes it was pricey, but I was able to finance it for a year @ 0 %. I still have a blue shower in my master bath, and can't wait to replace it. It limits me with the colors that I can paint in that room. I think that you will be happy with replacing the toilet and sink! Mary

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"Is there a way to keep the light blue sinks & "not" have a dated look?"

In my opinion, No Way at all... White sinks can be very cheap, and will be one of the best returns you can make.

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Believe it or not, someone redid her avocado bath and it looked smashing. Maybe the blue can be saved after all?

Here is a link that might be useful: Avocado bath redo

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The reason those avocado sinks look okay is that they are camouflaged by the countertop, which has a lot of green. Unfortunately, Missy1980 has said that she doesn't like her blue countertops.

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Thanks for all the ideas. I looked at the link for the avocado sinks/counter (it really is a nice look). I'm not sure what colors I would blend to coordinate with the blue sinks. I actually like the blue sinks & toilet (but not the counter). They are still in excellent condition. I'll try to post a photo sometime (I notice that you can't "browse" to upload a photo directly from your computer?)

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