Bad quality!

Gina_WFebruary 27, 2004

Bleh. This winter I lived in turtleneck sweaters. I can't wear wool because it itches, so I stocked up on cotton turtles. Well, after one season (not over yet) most of them are literally falling apart at the seams. I have holes in the neck and armpit seams on about 5 of the sweaters I bought from the Gap, Old Navy and Eddie Bauer. What's the deal? I am so mad. I am not doing anything different as far as washing. The sweaters I purchased the past years are still okay. Grrrr! The quality has gone way downhill.

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Well, I don't buy at any of those places, but here's a hint.... Have a look at where they're made. Good quality clothes that I used to buy here (in Canada) were once made in Canada, or if overseas, in Hong Kong. From there, clothes manufacturing went ever farther afield - to Korea, Phillipines, Sri Lanka... and from there, to the next emerging third world country that could produce them a little bit cheaper. China now has a large manufacturing industry of cheap (and IMO, poor quality) goods. Why has this happened? Because we North Americans value low price over quality (and are more than willing to let our industrialists promote the "global economy" that exports jobs and industry to other countries in order to get it -actually this happened decades ago - ancient history).
Yeah, it drives me crazy to have to resew the seams on sweaters, and the buttons back onto blouses after a couple of wearings.
If you can afford it, buy European.

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If you want plain t-shirt fabric type turtlenecks, look at the department stores. They are all on sale now and marked way down--less than $10 often. They wear well and last for years. I quit buying at Old Navy because the quality, launder-ability and durability were so bad. Old Navy is Gap's bottom of the line store. (Banana Republic is their top of the line store.)

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I wear turtlenecks/mock turtlenecks all winter to work - haven't had any of those problems yet. I buy mine from Sears, Dillard's, Penny's, and yes, even a few from Walmart...all are still going strong, and cost under $10 each. :-)

Who knew cheaper could sometimes be better? ;-)

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I've noticed that even the t-shirts material is very flimsy. You could almost see your hand through it. These shirt were at JCP and other specialty stores in my area. If feel if I'm gonna pay for it, I would expect it to be of good or better quality. JCP use to have good quality at a fair price. Now I tempted to start sewing again, just to get the quality I was use to.

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Another store who's clothing I had bad experiences with is J. Jill. Hems falling, buttons falling off, excessive shrinkage. Beware!

An addendum to the above - I've had very good experience with Gap pants and jeans, and most of their tops. Just this batch of turtlenecks were sewn badly.

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You can find lousy quality anywhere. I don't see it so much in the clothes I buy for dh (from Penney's, Eddie Bauer, & LL Bean), but you never know what you're going to find in women's clothes.

I've been pretty satisfied with the quality from JJill. The prices are ridiculous, that's why I only buy on sale.

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I've been pretty OK with ProSpirit and Mossimo t-shirts from Target.

My own little warning- my mom and I both bought Bill Blass colored jeans and they shrunk noticably after one wash! To the point where they are too short for us to wear. What a waste!

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Meghane, take them back! You shouldn't have to put up with inferior quality clothing and if it shrinks that badly, you should return it. Did you get them at Target? While I was pregnant I bought a plus-size sweatshirt there that was so comfy when I tried it on. After laundering it, it was the size of a regular sweatshirt, and I told the girl there was NO WAY this was going to fit me when I was hugely pregnant. She apologized and refunded my money.

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