Do these custom vanity proportions look right?

may_flowersJanuary 19, 2013

We've been working with our kitchen and bath designer and I'm concerned whether everything is in balance on our guest room vanity. If you have good spatial abilities, could you look this over? I have a lot of questions, but I'll be happy if you can tackle any one of them! Thank you!

My thoughts so far:

1.) The sink base will be 28 or 30". The drawer cabinet is ~15" wide. I'm not sure if the proportion is right between the sink base and drawers. The hutch plays into this too. See #2.

2.) Whatever width I make the drawers, I need to do the same to the counter hutch. Is 15" too wide for a counter hutch? Is 12" better? The hutch will be mirrored and can be recessed into the wall. I don't want the hutch to overpower, and he's probably drawn it too tall.

3.) I want to optimize counter space. I can recess an 11" hutch cabinet into the wall and have a few inches sit on the counter. The question is how many inches? I think somewhere between 6 and 8".

4.) I'm undecided on the drawer division, but the bottom drawers are 8". That's fixed since it's my towel storage. The three drawers above those are 6,6,and 8. Does the 8" work with the sixes? Note I have a trim piece between the two eights.

5.) I'm not sure about the mirror design yet. It's drawn with a wide top frame to install a light fixture right into the frame, but I need to get some expert advice about lighting this room anyway. There's no window and no other light source. The mirrored hutch will need light too.

I'm going to post an inspiration photo of a recessed mirrored hutch and a similar vanity next. Thank you!

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These are recessed 12" W mirrored hutches. I will probably put a 6" H drawer at the bottom, though I like this look too.

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This is the only photo I could find that showed a wide drawer stack next to a sink base. I imagine that gorgeous window being a mirrored hutch cabinet. I could copy it if I weren't putting a long drawer at the bottom of my sink base.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's way too crowded visually and actually. Not enough counter space. The hutch need to move all the way to the wall to the right wall. And the sink needs to move to the right somewhat to give it more space and presence, as well as to separate the mirror from the tower. Right now, the hutch dominates the space and looks awkward and alone with that open space to the right. It doesn't connect with anything vertically at all. It's just a single skyscraper in the middle of a field.

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I knew I'd hear this again. Hugs, Holly, and Green Designs too if you're out there! I've given this thought because I know you and GD know your stuff. But I think I may have to break a rule, if that's what it comes to.

I'm not sure you realize that this is not a typical entry into the bathroom. The door is in the bottom corner and opens opposite the vanity. It visually blocks a portion of the wall in that corner. In every bathroom I've ever been in the door is centered at the bottom of the rectangle and the vanity is on the left, starting at the corner. The bathtub is usually at the end of the rectangle or on the opposite long wall in a wider bathroom. If the vanity didn't start at the wall in that typical lay-out, I agree, it would look like it was undersized.

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Same idea, without the hutch. I'm just not sure the mirrored cabinet makes sense attached to the main mirror and DH prefers the hutch idea, but it's my call. But if we do one large mirror over the entire vanity, we lose the wall storage. Not that I can't use the drawers instead.

Or I can put in a 60" vanity with a lot of drawers, center the sink, and put a framed mirror over the whole thing.

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One option that still gives you the furniture piece look. But it has better proportionality with the tall piece next to the vertical wall. It's the exact same amount of storage, but looks more balanced.

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Another option that gives you even more storage. Again, it's much more balanced. Dropping the mirror frame and molding from the tower height gives more visual interest and keeps it from being so overwhelming. If you used your idea for mirror fronted towers, it would be less visual mass as well.

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Another option that has less symmetry on board, but still balances the height more proportionately and because it has more negative space around the mirror, still looks more spacious and balanced.

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That gives me a lot to think about. I appreciate you playing around with my design.

Option 1 doesn't give me counterspace, but I originally thought of a separate furniture-look linen closet with a bigger vanity. But we now prefer to put a linen cabinet like that in the open area that's between the bathroom and laundry closet. It's a squarish shape that all the bedroom doors open into, not a long hallway. A linen closet in that space is convenient to all the bedrooms and the laundry closet.

Option 2 is one I would do in a heartbeat if it was the master bath. I would probably make the towers 12" and add some counter space to the sink. Might cut out the hutch drawers and save some $. The only thing I don't like is that it shifts the person at the sink almost opposite the door, and that just doesn't feel right to me for some reason. But I could get used to it.

Now #3 is interesting because I could do 12" drawers to the left and it wouldn't shove me so far over in front of the door while at the sink. I could use sconces, which would give me some light at the mirrored hutch. I like the idea of standing in front of the hutch for grooming instead of leaning over the sink. I'm not too sure about the drawers below the hutch being a different size, and evening them up adds more small drawers I don't need. I wouldn't know how to divide the long bottom drawer in that scenario. But I got graph paper!

Thank you, GreenDesigns. I'll see where this takes me.

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What we have here is a woman and her ruler!

I drew GreenDesign's option #2 with 12" hutches. How are the proportions now?

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If it will be custom, that longer drawer face could be made to look like two drawers, but still be one drawer inside if that's bothering you. Same with the short drawers, you can make it look like two shallow drawers, but really have one deep drawer behind the face that just looks like two drawers.

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I like.

But you really should take a trip to a cabinet shop and measure the actual usable space inside 12"W drawers. If you are using face frame ain't much. I'd do frameless cabinets here and gain some room. If your cabinet maker doesn't do frameless, I'd find someone who can.

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I think I'll end up with deeper drawers than I wanted, but if I put drawers in the hutches, I'll have two small drawers for things I don't want to get lost in the big drawers. I don't think the 36" drawer bothers me in a 60" vanity. I wonder if The Twin Towers are too much for the room though. The room is 68" wide and there's nothing on the opposite wall except a door and towel bar, so it appears good-sized. I'm going to keep the crown molding small and use slab drawers if that will help simplify it. I'll probably do white paint.

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GreenDesigns, it's frameless. They did our kitchen last summer so I've been through the drawer I can go any size. Bump the drawers/towers out a few inches? Is 15" too much? I don't really need a 36" sink base. The sink is only 15" wide, but I can go 17" on that.

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