Gel nails maintenance question

gopackFebruary 21, 2007

I started getting gel nails about 2 months ago. I guess you call it the French manicure? It's the white tips and natural colored nail bed. I really like the look and they seem to hold up well. After about 4 to 5 days, I start to notice the bottom edges of the gel or the hard coat lifting. I mean the edge nearest the cuticles. I am not sure if it is the gel lifting or the hard polish coat lifting. But it looks bad and it doesn't happen to all my nails, just some of them. Sometimes it is worse than other times.

I go every 2 weeks for maintenance and then they look good for another 4 or 5 days until the edges start to "lift". Does this happen to everyone? Any idea why this is happening?

I am wondering if I should try another manicurist. She is not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? Thanks!

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This has happend to me,no matter where I went. So i dont think it's matter of costs,but probably how it is applied.
One manicurist did the job so sloppy,that by the end off the first week nearly all of them fell off! So,switching to someone else may make a difference.

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Happens to me every time I have my nails 'done.' Tried acrylics, gels, whatever they had. I finally admitted to myself that fake nails just weren't going to work on me - it came down to the shape of my nail beds. As the nail grew, the area by the cuticle would begin to lift because my nails are curved differently in the middle or at the bottom than at the top, and the stuff they use just isn't fleixble.

For a while, I would fill mine every 3-4 days, with a home use kit. Once you get the hang of it, it's really not much of a big deal. But the reason I stopped wearing fakes altogether is because when the fake stuff lifts like that, anything can get under there and start growing (it dawned on me while I was doing to dishes, for example.) It just freaked me out to think of something fungal under the fakes, where I couldn't get to it. Uggh.

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I was interested in getting gel or acrylic nails and wondered about how well they stayed on. After reading your experiences, I think I'll steer clear of them.

Thanks Ladies!!

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I did acrylic nails years ago. It is not common for properly done nails to lift in the back. If they are blended with the nail it is rare to have lifting. There are some people...I am one of them, that regardless of the thinness of the acrylic by the cuticle they got slightly loose around the edge. However, I never filled them sooner than every two weeks.

I rescheduled almost every customer ever three weeks, most never had broken nails or lifting if they took their polish off once between and buffed down the back edge. I had one lady that had her nails done every 4 weeks and you couldn't see the line at all with her polish.

I never did gel nails so I can't speak for them. Application is everything.

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I just left the salon from having a swt of Gel Nails applied. I LOVE them, I have to agree with Donna bove. They are the best, IMO. The finnish is impeccable..This is so important to me-having a smooth, glossy buffed look without having to buff. This will be my new investment every other week now. My hands look so feminine. I type all day as well, so I wear them kind of short to med length at the most. I have always been complemented on my nails. I have always stayed away from color polishes, and kept the natural look with just a layer or two of the clear top coat. With my Gel nails. I dont even need that. Just the UV coat, sit under lamp, and I'm done with a beautiful hard glassy finnish!

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I am a certified nail tech....and I do LCN nails for years, depends on the nail there is a possiblility of lifting, very rare, but it can happen, ..there are solutions, the nail tech only have to use another gel, or a stronger bonder, that solves the problem.. ask your nail tech for all variations of gels and bonders.. the main idea of gel nails is to have beautiful, healthy natural nails, and yes ..application is everything

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I have tried 4 gels and not one of them work . They will still left from the cuticles all the way around. lift and then crack. Done everything possible .She has been doing lcn for 10 years.So what would you suggest she do next?

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