Restylane Injections

enjoyingspringFebruary 11, 2008

I am thinking of having Restylane Injections. Has anyone had this done, were you satisfied with the results. How long does it last. Would you do it again.

So many questions, hope I get some answers.


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I've seen it - have a friend who's a year younger, and has skin 20 years older than mine (sun, lifestyle, genes) and while the botox did wonders for her forehead, she needed the Restylane for her smoker's lines around her mouth -

as I understand it, the success is mostly in the skill of the Dr doing the injections, sculpting the goop into the depression. On her, it took 8 or so months to really wear off, and she put it through a real workout (she smokes like no one's ever told her it's bad for her. really) she's been back twice in the last three years - wheras she's addicted to the botox, and is in there every 6 months like clockwork.

I gotta say - when I'm ready for it myself, those lines are the only ones that bother me, and I'd definately consider the Restylane

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I've had it. It lasted about 9 mo. for me I think. The last time I went in for it, the dr. convinced me to try Perlane and it lasted 2 wks. The results were gone about the same time the bruising faded. I'd like to try Restalyn again but am trying to convince myself just to forget about this high maintence, expensive stuff and accept aging. I was 55 when I had it done the first time.

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