Los Angeles weather doing a number on my skin!

tulipsFebruary 16, 2006

I live in LA and recently had a baby. The 2 combined have sent my 40 year old skin into a weird zone. No matter how much I moisturize, it still looks dry. I am in search of great skincare that doesn't have to cost a fortune. I am currently using Serious Skin Care (HSN) C cleanser and a moisturizer from the dermatologist. Neither one are working wonders for me. I've tried Chanel eye cream and that seemed good but don't REALLY want to buy the whole expensive line if I can help it. Any suggestions?

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I know when I moved from East coast to Northern California (San Francisco Bay area), I realized how dry the air was. The tips I have learned from this and other forums:

1. hydrate: water
2. essential fatty acids: your diet needs to be rich in olive oil, omega 3 (like flaxseed), but in general nuts and seeds contain also Vitamin E (don't get sidetracked by the "oh they have fat in them").
3. dermatoligists have recommended Neutrogena Norwegian Formula to keep in moisture. It has petrolatum. To keep the moisture in, nothing beats petrolatum.
4. may want to include alphalipoic acid either cremes/supplements.

also a cool website for skin care is http://www.smartskincare.com

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My 40 year old skin freaked out after spending the holidays at my parents. I don't know if it was the water, the lack of humidity or what. It was so bad it itched, but didn't look that dry. I tried several different lotions and ointments but here's what finally worked. I used my normal body wash (Caress) with those exfoliating gloves, followed by Olay's new shower body lotion for sensitive skin (basically a conditioner for your skin that you rinse off.) Pat dry and then applied Gold Bond lotion to the extra itchy skin. All better in a couple of days. I second drinking extra water and getting extra Omega fats in the diet. I use Coromega - no fish burps!

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Thanks for the tips! I appreciate them. :)

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Put a humidifier in the bedroom and the other room in the house where you spend a lot of time. It works wonders for me in the winter when the heat is on.

I use generic petroleum jelly on my hands before bed, which helps a lot. I also use it on my lips and around my nose when I have a cold and that area becomes chapped. I only do the petroleum jelly at night. During the day I use Olay Total Effects with SPF 15, because the sun really damages skin, even in the winter. I do the same as paloma2001 as far as patting dry and moisturizing right after a shower- I even have a poof sponge with a handle to get my back. I do a fish oil capsule every morning, but since I tend to eat a lot of Mexican food (even at breakfast) I don't have a problem with the fish burps- I have other issues LOL!

Hope this helps.

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We lived in Denver a few years ago and I experienced what you are talking about; I ended up consulting an aesthetician who suggested starting out with a
thorough exfoliation in order to improve the absorption of serums and creams.
It really helped; if you're skin is rid of the top layer of dead skin, it can really soak in better the product you feed it.

No matter what product you use, expensive or not, starting out with totally clean skin is essential; I am in dire need of a deep exfoliation right now.

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